Recommended by Sharai Bohannon

  • Wax (a monologue)
    16 Apr. 2019
    This is beautiful and touching and heavy. I love the way Matthews captures the fragility of the human experience while balancing it with so much strength and tenacity that this character seems alive. This monologue is perfect, and like Matthews other works, I hope I get to be in an audience to experience it live one day.
  • Vermont Farmer -- a monologue
    15 Apr. 2019
    What a moving lyrical tribute to life. I can very clearly picture Fred, and all of the Freds I've known, and can practically feel the land he worked under my feet.
  • Birthday
    15 Apr. 2019
    There is so much to unpack in these 10 pages. Bouthiette leads us in thinking this will be the normal new parent freak out and then surprises us with a detour on race before getting us to the finish line. There is so much to explore and discuss and I hope to one day be in an audience discussion for this script.
  • DEEP
    15 Apr. 2019
    I would much rather to see this absurd play performed instead of the next time someone reaches for one of the regular Albee pieces we've all seen forever. Goldman-Sherman has a way with words that is both sharp and inviting. I wasn't sure how all of the genres listed on this play could co-exist and now I don't see how any of them would work without the other in this particular short. This would be so much fun to work on!
  • A Small Attempt to be a Specific Woman, But Really Doesn't Mean Anything, Just Ignore Me
    15 Apr. 2019
    Hands down one of the best monologues I've read on NPX. The way words and actions are used here is remarkable, relatable, and so unflinchingly honest. I sincerely hope that one day my plays will grow up to be like Goldman-Sherman's.
  • Screen Play
    15 Apr. 2019
    This is a very necessary play. Hansen captures a lot of the current conversations we've seen in the media lately where people like to pretend consent is a murky situation (when in reality it's not). This gripping play gets right to the center of the argument and pulls no punches. I also love the back and forth between this husband and wife and what this conversation reveals about each of them.
  • Are You Comfortable?
    15 Apr. 2019
    This is a swift punch to the feelings. Diamond wastes no time grabbing the reader and pulling them into this horrendous moment. This monologue needs to be HEARD and I hope it makes the rounds in auditions.
  • Pre-War
    15 Apr. 2019
    The feeling of loss is palpable in this piece. O'Grady puts these two women together in a way that leaves us longing to see where this friendship goes and inspired enough to see the light at the end of our own tunnels. Would love to see this produced!
  • Talking to Myself
    15 Apr. 2019
    I really love this. I read it twice and found even more bits that I think would be really fun to see two actors play with onstage (especially because they get to play the same person at different points in their life). Would love to see this produced somewhere.
  • Cambodian Rock Band
    12 Apr. 2019
    I saw this play last night and it was masterful. Yee took us on a two hour emotional journey that I don't know if I've fully recovered from. Everyone needs to move this to the top of their must see/read lists now.