Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

    17 Jul. 2024
    As always, Asher's monologues are bangers, and this one is no exception! An engaging character throughout with clear objectives and a taking risks in the content. I always admire Asher's writing for his unwavering talent at hitting at hard realities and keeping his pulse on the political current of our times. By just setting this play in Milwaukee, we know the convention his stud is at, we know and we know what the red hat means.
  • Cocina Latina
    14 Apr. 2023
    I had the opportunity to work as a faculty mentor for Joey on this play. This play gives you an inside look at working at a "Mexican" restaurant showing you richly layered characters who work together as a family through what seems like everyday problems, but in reality, are part of a much larger issue faced by the LatinE community in America. Joey's dialogue is witty and full of heart, his characters are unique and well-drawn, and Laura is a fantastic and active protagonist! Please produce this play!
  • Buzz
    27 Feb. 2023
    This play had me buzzing from the tension Villanueva builds seamlessly with these three women while they navigate a mountain and climb the cutthroat world for professional women. In addition to these high-conflict relationships, Villanueva is able to blend humor and magic into her play through her own sharp wit and the human-sized murder hornet ballet that may or might not take place in Alicia's mind. A science play that is human at heart!
  • Tiger Barb
    2 Feb. 2023
    "I didn't film tuna." There aren't many times I read a 10 Minute Play and have a smirk on my face the whole way through -- this play earned that smirk every second. This play is sharply written, the characters are mysterious and yet relatable, and it makes me want to sit and slowly watch a fire. Well done as expected by Morille.
  • Jars
    2 Feb. 2023
    A beautiful ten minute play I had the pleasure of seeing at the Kennedy Center years ago and I still think about. This is a perfect short play full of love, grief, and hope. It evokes the memories of summers and young love, and how we carry these feelings through adulthood. Great play! Easy to produce too!
  • Our Child is the Best
    3 Aug. 2022
    I love this smart, witty, and kinda taboo play about competitive parenting even in the worst of cases. Grant is so good at telling a twisted tale with humor and lightness that makes you laugh so hard and then afterwards think so hard.
  • A Departure
    3 Aug. 2022
    I saw this play years ago and I still think about it! A great part for a female lead who can totally command the stage and captivate an audience for every breathing second. There is pain and hurt and yet it's VERY funny.
    28 Jul. 2022
    This play brings two unlikely characters together in a beautiful way! There is potency in the drama in this piece demonstrated delicately with the weight of objects left behind by loved ones on the people left with them. This play's reference to an unseen car and being an "exterior" set play makes it great for 10-minute play festivals and easily produced! I also appreciate a 9/11 play that doesn't retraumatize the audience!
  • Wild and Wanton
    26 Jul. 2022
    This first date gone wrong is funny, tantalizing, and still hits home with a punch about how nothing can be casual anymore when our country is going to hell-in-a-handbasket. When we used to take time to get to know one another and now there is a desperate need to know the other's politics before letting them buy you a drink. Would love to see this one!
    25 Jul. 2022
    Like most of Asher's monologues, I am thrown right into the fire with this one and I am ready to watch it all BURN! Lidia is a hyper-realistic portrayal of being a womxn on the sidewalk pretty much anywhere in America. The cat-calling, the harrassment, and the "why don't you smile" BS. I love that Lidia stands her ground and this play ends in a place of power without violence. Thumbs way up!