Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • The Bull
    23 Apr. 2020
    The image of seeing a deer in a backyard and reading the news weave in so brilliantly in this play. What first seems to be a miscommunication between a couple turns into a metaphor and the angst underneath the news, politics and the world we are currently in. The Bull builds beautifully. So glad I got to watch this intense play during the Boston Theatre Marathon Zoom edition.
  • Godspeed (a YA monologue)
    16 Apr. 2020
    Beautiful monologue for a young person perfect for this day and age. I was surprised at the environmental theatre message within this play, as it was a under embellished moment in the play, and yet powerful in its simplicity. I can see this being produced in this distance and digital era, but also on the stage and for auditions. Kudos.
  • Unspoken
    8 Aug. 2019
    Sarah tells an important story of abuse and family in this play. It weaves between past and present setting up the intense relationship between the Cate and her family's denial. This play has a lot packed into 50 minutes, I love to see it longer and even more fleshed out. This family has a specific voice in our time right now in light of the "me too" era and should grace the stages of those who want to dive into this problem!
  • Allie In Wonderland
    23 Jul. 2019
    This is a fantastic play for young actors and audiences. It gives clever meaty roles to young folks, characters that you can love and hate, and then switch! It also connects an old story we think we all know, to the modern world we live in and how that color can change the way we see imagination.
    11 Jul. 2019
    Clever little play that I could totally see in a Halloween themed festival. Really funny for a young comic actor. There is also potential for this play to sink into the deeper meanings of how teens treat/mistreat their parents.
    27 Jun. 2019
    A sad reminder about the truths of bullying and how it can get ingrained in a child's imagination. I also love the clever use of handwriting in this piece.
    26 Jun. 2019
    Oooh! What an intense look at how two people (in this case a man and a woman) see the same moment. This brought me back to days waiting alone at bus stops and the fear that that can bring up in a woman. Timely play in the #metoo era.
  • Howie Zazser Can't Not
    26 Jun. 2019
    Damn! This play is funny and a bit absurd, and it's that comic edge that allows the real message about how our lives have changed in the Trump-presidency era. How our words and public image may even mean less now that someone so cruel and vulgar can be POTUS. Deep under the internet speak and video fetishes in this play is a mother struggling to reach her son.
  • Wordplay
    26 Jun. 2019
    This play is sharp and timely, and brings up a lot of questions about how we use language and what is P.C. in the days of our casual speak and word games. I'd be really curious to see this play on stage and hear reactions from audiences of all races as I believe it asks an important question.
  • Whiskey Neat
    26 Jun. 2019
    One of my favorite plays in the Boston Theatre Marathon this year! Jules is deprecating in her one-night stand reaction, and Peter is sweet and good, in the sort of way you'd hope a guy would be when you go home "that drunk" with him. The connection made in this short play between these two very contrasting people is lovely. Also, the Garfield tattoo is hilarious!