Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • The Good Deli
    26 Jun. 2019
    Talk about a great play for a female lead who is unconventional, smart, and funny. You can feel the heart in this play, as much as if follows the story of a stand up comic who doesn't have the best relationship with her dad, it is really about the deep connection we have with our childhood memories and the desire to honor them. Also, there are some GREAT monologues!
  • Sooner/Later
    9 Jun. 2019
    I was fortunate to see a production of this at Mosaic Theatre in DC, and was thoroughly impressed by the way Allyson handed the table turning reveals-- I never felt like I was manipulated, but instead I leaned forward into the excitement in the change in the story telling. Also, what a great way to do a 90 minute play but keep a solid 2 act structure.
  • For Daddy on Superbowl Sunday: a monologue
    5 Feb. 2019
    "Ooooh," was my guttural response to this piece. It's short but poignant, and leaves a lot of choices up to the actor. If can go very very dark, or it can be as "every day" meanness many of us see from loved ones. Great little audition piece.
    16 Aug. 2018
    Damn, this play is smart and funny with a kick of reality that bites. As a school teacher I can say this is something I face when talking to students about their futures and Asher really hits the nail on the head in voice and tone. I'd love to bring this into my student acting class!
  • Edge
    22 Nov. 2017
    This play is beautifully haunting. It is dark and twisted but filled with the ache of loneliness that is highly relatable. This is one of those “uninvited visitor” plays that hooks you into a controversial family with its sharp dialogue, tension, and flecks of humor beneath the darkness.
  • Bark Park: life from both sides of the lead
    22 Nov. 2017
    This play has tons of heart and humor. Anyone who has ever had a dog and wondered what they are thinking this play handles that question in a unique way. Also because this play shows both the owner and dog perspective it mirrors the humanity in each. In many ways it shows how strong (almost canine) instinct could change the course of events.
  • The Mermaid Hour
    30 Jun. 2017
    This is a beautiful play that captures the modern family dealing with transgender and queer issues through the story of Vi and her parents. The scenes are compact and filled with dramatic tension/action, and each character is human, even when at their worst. David has done a fantastic job bringing us into the struggle of this family. I highly recommend this play.
  • La Llorona
    28 Jun. 2017
    By the way Cecelia writes, it's impossible not to be drawn in by this cross-cultural folklore tale set in the South West of three young women at a crucial moment in their lives. I was captivated by the lyrical nature of the text and it's myths and strong dramatic scenes between the young women. I was intrigued by the structure of the play and how we return to the pearly gates and each time La Llorona interaction with the Gatekeeper has changed. If you are looking for a powerful female-driven play with a bit of magic, this is it!
  • False Flag
    9 Mar. 2016
    I am excited that I have the inside scoop on this play at the Next Voices Fellows at NewRep. The story is smart, mysterious, and all together eerie and that's why I love it. Walt paints rich and complicated female characters that take this play by the... balls. At the heart of this play it is a story about connection, loss, and family. Good god, this play is not one to pass up!
    5 Jan. 2016
    I have seen this play a few times now, and I have to say it's one of the smartest, funniest, and well-written ten minute plays I have ever seen. The twins in this play are comical exaggerations of brainiac children, and yet the play is extremely truthful and relatable. Abbey displays her ability in creating tension within moments, and the sense of a bigger more powerful character outside the walls of the play, some one we feel and know and yet never see. If you are producing a ten-minute festival you would be amiss not to include Geniuses.