Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • La Llorona
    28 Jun. 2017
    By the way Cecelia writes, it's impossible not to be drawn in by this cross-cultural folklore tale set in the South West of three young women at a crucial moment in their lives. I was captivated by the lyrical nature of the text and it's myths and strong dramatic scenes between the young women. I was intrigued by the structure of the play and how we return to the pearly gates and each time La Llorona interaction with the Gatekeeper has changed. If you are looking for a powerful female-driven play with a bit of magic, this is it!
  • False Flag
    9 Mar. 2016
    I am excited that I have the inside scoop on this play at the Next Voices Fellows at NewRep. The story is smart, mysterious, and all together eerie and that's why I love it. Walt paints rich and complicated female characters that take this play by the... balls. At the heart of this play it is a story about connection, loss, and family. Good god, this play is not one to pass up!
    5 Jan. 2016
    I have seen this play a few times now, and I have to say it's one of the smartest, funniest, and well-written ten minute plays I have ever seen. The twins in this play are comical exaggerations of brainiac children, and yet the play is extremely truthful and relatable. Abbey displays her ability in creating tension within moments, and the sense of a bigger more powerful character outside the walls of the play, some one we feel and know and yet never see. If you are producing a ten-minute festival you would be amiss not to include Geniuses.
  • An Independent Study on Race and the Brain
    17 Aug. 2015
    I have seen this play develop over the years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger. Grant has a knack for dialogue and in this play, in particular, language. I tend to reference a "popsicle" scene from this play when I teach playwriting. Give this play a read, NOW, you will be glad you did.
  • Sit Down, Daisy
    17 Aug. 2015
    This ten minute play will leave you feeling haunted. The writing is beautiful and the story unfolds like a carefully planned seduction. A great play, and a great playwright to watch!
    17 Jul. 2015
    A stunning solo play about family, revolution, and belief. The language is masterful, and in seeing this at the Kennedy Center in 2014, I was completely wrapped in Leya and her story. Looking for a solo play that tackles a world of "big issues" while also telling a truthful personal narrative full of humor and whit this play is for you.
  • The Smoking Room
    16 Jul. 2015
    This play sucks you in from the start. This seems like a story about random interactions with strangers and the way they can change you, however it's even more a play about family and forgiveness. This play has dirty realism written all over it in the best of ways. I feel like it's a Raymond Carver come to life!
  • after a MAN
    16 Jul. 2015
    If you are looking for a 10 minute play that is out of the box and not set in realism, this is the play for you. Stephanie uses language and 2D vs. 3D to explore the big questions of gender identity and gender culture in this absurd and yet enlightening short play. Prepare to think about this play for days to come!
  • Hungry
    16 Jul. 2015
    Hungry takes us into the world of celebrity rehab in a new way; it is both satirical and honest, and presents the issues of body dysmorphia through the lens of a man instead of the well known female anorexia story. Her use of social media tools and technical theatrical elements add an additional layer to the way this story it brought to life. Thumbs up for Hungry!
  • Eskimo Pie
    16 Jul. 2015
    Haunting and beautiful look at family coping with mental illness and love for someone who has "drifted away." The language is poetic at times, and real at others. I found myself falling into the rhythm of Rena's words, like falling into her trance, which led to great empathy for all the characters. This play hits the heart with grace.