Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • Allie
    22 May. 2022
    What a powerful play! Having stage managed and watched it in the BTM it was one of the stand outs. Allie deals with grief and AI. The idea of getting closure after death, a mother searching for an opportunity to apologize to the daughter she blames herself for the death of. Powerful. And a great opportunity for clever staging!
  • Banana Gun
    22 May. 2022
    I saw this play in the Boston Theater Marathon years ago and I still can’t stop thinking about it. This is the kind of 10mp that breaks lots of the tried and true rules of a successful 10mp beautifully! A strong protagonist with a clear want and clear obstacles. The end has a nice turn which leaves the audience asking questions that are real and true to today from a play about guns turning into bananas. One of my favorites to use as a teaching tool.
  • The Lesson (a 1-minute play)
    5 Mar. 2021
    A heartbreaking moment when manhood is brought into question. There is a poignant sadness watching Connor hold Dylan to the standards of "boys don't cry." It makes me think of the lessons, right or wrong, that kids learn and teach each other, and how toxic masculinity is a systemic problem. Now, if you can do that in one minute, imagine 90!
  • Password: 2020 Escape Room (a 1-minute play)
    5 Mar. 2021
    A great brief moment in one of the most difficult years for many encapsulated in an escape room. What I love so much about this play is the whimsy that they could forever be trapped in 2020.
  • AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION, A Play for Videoconference
    23 Jun. 2020
    This play is delightful and yet gets at the core of what it is like to communicate with the outside world today while quarantined. As an extrovert who thrives off of contact with others this play resonates with me. I found myself smiling and then being hit with the sadness of the lack of connection between Finn and Charlie, no matter how hard they try, they are apart.
    28 May. 2020
    Well, this monologue hits you in the face with its truth. What I love so much about this piece is that I could be different interpretations based on the person who is saying it. This means it can translate to so many different identities and races. This is a smart audition piece.
  • The Magic Car
    26 May. 2020
    A beautiful slow burn of a play. This play captures the nostalgia of reminiscing with an aging parent while maintaining present day tension and action. Ultimately leaving me understanding both characters wants and what is at stake for this simple yet super challenging moment. Lisa is a master at developing complex relationships in just a few pages.
  • Second Look (10 minute excerpt of SEEING EYE)
    3 May. 2020
    What I like about this play is that there is a real sense of humanity here, in both Robbie and Jason. We are not made to pity Jason because of his disability, and like Robbie, we are surprised but not judgmental. This makes me yearn to see more of their relationship and how and where the ways they "see" the world conflict (which is great but it makes me excited to read the full-length). This play would be a great addition to any 10 minute play festival.
  • The Handle
    26 Apr. 2020
    I feel fortunate to have gotten to see this play on the 2020 Boston Theatre Marathon Zoom edition. This play starts out like a regular old post pickup game, and takes a dramatic but well earned turn towards the darker truth of both of these men. The Handle has an intensity of a good psychodrama where you are afraid of what might happen next, and yet this play leaves you with a hint of hope, of growth, and of acceptance. Well done.
  • Hope
    26 Apr. 2020
    I remember this piece from the Boston 2020 One Minute Play Festival, it stood out to me amongst the plethora of faced paced short plays. Now reading on the page, in this time in our world, I find the play even more potent, hopeful, and eloquent. When a 1 minute play makes you feel this much, you know it's exceptional.