Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • How You Kiss Me Is Not How I Like To Be Kissed
    16 Jul. 2015
    I had the privilege of seeing a reading of this unique and honest play about love and expectation of "romance" play at the Kennedy Center. The language is crisp and effective, and the short scenes serve as little spoonfuls of story and we get to know the characters through their changing love story. This play grabs you from the start and leaves you with "the feels" at the end.
  • Four Chambers
    15 Jul. 2015
    Chambers in a stunning play where Lisa weaves in the national tragedy with the personal tragedy, and asks the question of "what would have happened if..." This haunting play is timeless and can resonate on so many levels of loss and reclamation of life. I highly recommend this play. It's language is sharp at times, and lyrical in others. The set as metaphor for our own "chambers" of the mind plays into the themes of the play with great integrity. This play will make you laugh, cry, and question.
  • Norma's Rest
    21 Apr. 2015
    Moving, captivating, and sometimes very funny play about second chances, home, and family. Norma's Rest captures the idea of family is not who you were born to but who loves you and stands up for you. This one-act will make you laugh and cry. The language is beautiful creating a very present sense of place, and the characters all have clear unique voices. I was drawn in by Tennessee a young trans character in need of this new kind of "family," and also Tilly, who barely speaks but when he does you are blown away. Great play!
  • The Heist
    19 Apr. 2015
    This play is dark, intense, and packs a great twist. I saw this play at KCACTF Regionals and I was wrapped into it from the first moment and immediately taken by Sped-Boy. Matt handles presenting a "low IQ" character brilliantly and delicately, and in a way that is not exoticism at all, but instead very human and true.
  • Motherland
    19 Apr. 2015
    This play packs a punch! Once again, Lisa uses her key hold of language to tell this multigenerational story of family, loss, and legacy. If you are looking for a play that explores how past, present, and future can reconnect a family of women while using poetry, lyricism, and intense yet very real relationships, this is the play for you. It knocks me over the head when I consider the fact it has yet to be produced! SOMEBODY DO THIS PLAY!
  • Tattoo You
    19 Apr. 2015
    A moving play about the power of our past scars, they way they hold onto us, and the way we can have power over them. Tattoo You takes us back to our collective consciousness of high school and the intimacy and publicness of a girls bathroom. I love to call this play a reverse coming of age story.
  • Building The Perfect Chair
    19 Apr. 2015
    I have seen drafts of this play along it's development process, and at each draft I am amazed. Lisa has a strong ear for language and uses this talent to not only explore the emotionally tips and turns of artists, lovers, and friends, but uses magical realism to connect the artist with their long gone muse in beautiful poetic and stylized sections with Charles and Ray Eames. Watch out for this playwright!