Recommended by Cassie M. Seinuk

  • Soulmate
    20 Jul. 2022
    Deirdre does it again! A funny, smart, and twisted ten-minute play. I love that I wasn't exactly sure "where this train was going" but I was ready to stay on for the ride. This play is also ripe for production given its setting and also the pacing of the script.
  • Tired/Merry
    20 Jul. 2022
    A beautiful play! The words float off the page in a way that I don't feel as if I am reading a play but I am hearing it with my eyes. I also love that it's a short play in the depression era which I don't feel like I see often enough. The pain in the upcoming change is palpable. "I don't want to talk about how there is no freedom in any of it" rang especially true today.
  • Once Removed; a ten-minute play
    19 Jul. 2022
    I saw this play at the Boston Theater Marathon years ago and I still think about it. It is a beautiful gut-wrenching play about a couple dealing with a very real thing in a very intimate and also ruined space. What this play does so well is creating tension through the language and also the bed being a physical obstacle to their healing. The final moment of this play is worth using a teaching lesson of how to imbed one magical moment or "magical stage direction" into every play, even a ten minute.
  • Satan At Walmart (A Ten-Minute Play)
    18 Jul. 2022
    This play was ridiculous and perfect! Thank you for embracing something totally out of the box for a 10 minute play while also still being contained enough to actually work in a festival! I laughed and also felt the love and joy for Tami and Bucky, and found their romance very sweet -- especially the coupons part. So glad I got to see it at the Boston Theater Marathon. James, you had the audience rolling in the aisles.
  • Graveyard Shift
    18 Jul. 2022
    This is a funny and light 10-minute play that I thoroughly enjoyed at the Boston Theater Marathon. It owned its campiness and leaned into that humor/horror genre in a clever way. Both characters had clear and distinct wants that can often time be forgotten in a premise driven campy 10 minutes, but they were pivotal and crucial here! I enjoyed the twist that the two women knew each other. Anyone doing a Halloween festival, choose this one!
  • Playing Chopsticks
    18 Jul. 2022
    This play deals with the way people stereotype race and ethnicity in a smart and balanced way. I got to see it in the Boston Theater Marathon, as the play got into it I could tell that Audrey was stuck between wanting work and also wanting to not be type-cast as a token Asian for this man's business. On the flip side, the waiter character which could seem superfluous at first was actually an important counterpoint to Audrey as being "too American" and not authentic enough. Smart play.
  • Poise, a 10-minute play
    18 Jul. 2022
    What a slam dunk of a 10-minute that touches on a political hot button with clear stakes and wants/needs from each character. The woman is so unlikeable, but despite that, I was so drawn in by her use of tactics. This play packs a punch.
  • Leslie and Milton
    18 Jul. 2022
    What a stunning and poignant play. I saw this play at the Boston Theater Marathon and it stuck with me. There is beauty in the way Leslie cares for her father despite the obvious tension and frustration she has with him. The waiting room is a great location for a ten-minute play as it's charged by the waiting and also in public. Their time there is also finite which adds to the stakes for Leslie. Smart play. Great for a play festival!
  • Virginia Slim With Ten Minutes to Go
    22 May. 2022
    This ten minute play tackles not only funeral awkwardness, but also how the pandemic and seeing family with differing political views during this time can be extremely charged. If you are doing an ensemble 10 minute play festival and need a family drama— include this!
  • Quack
    22 May. 2022
    Still one of my favorite ten minute plays! I love to teach it and introduce it to my students as a non-naturalistic 10mp that follows the rules of a 10mp beautifully while also subverting all the rules. Quack is sweet, sad, funny, and smart.