Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too August Wilson)
    25 Aug. 2023
    A fierce and phenomenal play. It's hilarious and heartbreaking, and so unflinching and honest.
    19 Apr. 2022
    Ooof. What a punch to the gut. I love the integration of memory and the quickness in which we move through time and space. The characters are distinct, and at times, totally heartbreaking. What society did to women for so long! And simply for emotions! What society still does to women. A brilliant history play that demands better for women.
  • Drowning in Cairo
    18 Apr. 2022
    I count myself very lucky to have caught the Golden Thread production of "Drowning in Cairo." Such rich and complex characters, with a story that pulls at you from every imaginable angle. I mourn for the young joy I wish the characters were able to have. Funny and bitter sweet, with many images that will stay with me for a long time. I highly recommend reading or seeing a production of this play if you are given the opportunity!
  • In the End
    10 Dec. 2021
    A thoughtful examination of thoughtless violence, grief, and loss. I appreciate the lack of violence staged, and how carful and yet unflinching Bohannon approaches the subject matter. Had me crying at my desk.
  • Free For All: A New Miss Julie for a New World
    1 Dec. 2021
    I wish I could build a time machine and go see this in its first production at Cutting Ball! Like all of Cohen's work, it's a comedy that packs a knife, and I enjoyed reading of every page. I also respect and admire how much this play demands of its designers. What a dream to work on! From lights, to set, to costumes, PROPS! What are those pigeons? Anyway, since time machines aren't on the horizon, please produce this some more. It's both the most absurd and most realistic response to climate change I've read. Read and produce this play!
  • BABA
    30 Nov. 2021
    WOW. What a gorgeous script. I was entranced every step of the way, one of the best one-person shows I've ever read. It is so utterly charming, hilarious, and heart breaking. I hope that I can catch it one day live and in person.
  • After Hubris
    30 Nov. 2021
    An inventive short wrapped around the moment before. When everything has been the same for very very long, and in a moment, it may never be the same again. There's beautiful imagery and lines that just knock you back into yourself. A fantastic take on a classic myth.
  • The Deliverance
    29 Nov. 2021
    THE DELIVERANCE weaves family, history, curses, and farming together to create a theatrically stunning evening of theater. It jumps off the page, I would love to see it fully realized on stage. As epic as "The Grapes of Wrath," but adds in the intersectionality of race with poverty for an even harder punch of truth.
  • Storm Still
    3 Oct. 2021
    An imaginative re-telling of LEAR with a lot of heart. I thought the parallels between these sisters' lives and the classic play were clean and vibrant, especially those about memory loss, abuse, and death. As a lonely kid, whose first Shakespeare play was LEAR, I would have jumped to play this reoccurring game.
  • The Horse's Ass
    21 Jul. 2021
    A hilarious wild ride of a two-hander play. I saw this years ago and think about it often. Filled with witty dialogue and razor-sharp commentary. Read and produce this play! Really read anything by Megan Cohen you can get your paws on.