Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • Teenage Dick (vaguely from Richard III)
    19 Aug. 2019
    TEENAGE DICK is outstanding! It was hilarious, just reading it in the comfort of my own home. I can only imagine how funny this play is live. The heightened language laced throughout is brilliant. One of the best Shakespeare inspired plays I've come across. I can't wait to see this performed! If you get the chance, jump to see/read/produce it.
  • Door to Balloon
    20 Jul. 2019
    Haunting and heartbreaking. DOOR TO BALLOON weaves three seemingly separate worlds into one to create an evocative and challenging play about trauma and how we can ever hope to recover. I loved the juxtaposition, the bleeding between the three worlds, the inner world of our stand-up comedian that she can't keep down. Another play deserving to be produced, consumed, and discussed around the country. Highly recommend for production and reading!
  • CREAM!
    20 Jul. 2019
    CREAM! is absurd, wild, hilarious, and delicious. I was constantly dazzled by the production requirements of this play, the music, dancing, images, and lights. What a joy this would be to produce and to see as an audience member! The Cake narrator takes the show and their monologues are delectable and disturbing, two of them in fact make me want to act again just to use them at auditions. I would run to the theater to see this fully realized on the stage. Highly recommend everyone read, and highly highly recommend a theater in my vicinity produce.
  • Frank Talk
    20 Jul. 2019
    Dark and unique and funny as hell. I love the use of seemingly unconnected short plays living together in this one shared world. A look at celebrity and fame and our culture's blood thirst for more more more. Why do we think we're owed anything from the people we look at from afar and worship? And what would it be like if you had no say in your fame, because what you are famous for was never intended for public consumption? Goldner does an expert job at tackling this, and Anne Frank's legacy with tact, respect, and humor.
  • How Sweet The Sound
    3 Jul. 2019
    A dark and scary as hell play that had me on the invested and tense the whole time. Right away it is clear that this world is not right, and McVay teases out little bread crumbs along the way letting us discover just disturbing it really is. Very excited to see where this play goes, as well as this playwright.
  • The Last Ring
    21 May. 2019
    There is so much excitement and life in this play! It would be incredible to see this fully realized, wrestling ring and all. THE LAST RING has some fantastic roles for women who are ready to get sweaty and rough on stage. Really well done.
  • Hyannis
    21 May. 2019
    This is a beautiful and gut wrenching play about love, family, addiction, and what happens when all three intersect. It had me in tears multiple times reading it off the page. Each character is so full and complex. I was grabbed from the very first page. Would love to see this produced. Excellent work.
  • Sweetheart Come
    20 May. 2019
    I was lucky to catch the production of this at Pygmalion Productions. It's a sharp and an incredibly imaginative play. SWEETHEART COME exposes loneliness, longing, and what can happen to the mind and body of a person trapped. Larson offers three fantastic roles as well. Toward the end I nearly jumped out of my chair! Not an easy thing to accomplish in the theatre. Highly recommend!
  • Priapus Pie: An American Tragedy
    4 May. 2019
    I am in love with this play. It is devious, devastating, delicious, and above all hilarious. The theatricality jumping through memories, fantasies, and the actual events of the evening is so well crafted. The play moves along at a fantastic pace, and I know about 100 actresses who would love to jump into the role of Alice Johnson. If you're looking for a dark comedy for your season look no further! Highly recommend!
  • Art & Class
    29 Apr. 2019
    A awful situation becomes the basis for a complicated and complex play. Bennett tackles censorship, art, gray areas of teaching and education, and what it feels like to be outside of a culture while living in it. ART & CLASS is funny and messy, and has a great characters for actors to dig into and grapple with.