Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • cara has a hole in her head
    19 Aug. 2020
    The thing I appreciate most about "cara has a hole in her head" is how matter of fact this play is. It is dark and hilarious and contains so many levels of pain, but these are the facts of life for the characters and that makes the dark parts so so so much darker. It's Unsettling. I very much enjoyed reading it. I think it would be excellent in production.
  • Slow Jam
    18 Aug. 2020
    A quiet look at intimacy and rebuilding after trauma. So much space for wonderful subtext. Also a really fun short for a sound designer to work on, so many possibilities.
  • Three Anne Franks
    17 Aug. 2020
    Really phenomenal work. THREE ANNE FRANKS delves into identity, idolization, and the oddity and warping that can happen through only taking the parts we want from history. I love how bizarre Macdonald takes the script, and how she uses humor while tackling a subject we're told never to laugh at. But the beauty is that we're never laughing at Anne Frank or the Holocaust with THREE ANNE FRANKS, just the Disneyland-like change the subject goes through so that it can be "relatable" to modern audiences.
  • Testimony
    17 Aug. 2020
    TESTIMONY claws at my insides. It is a visceral and unflinching play about trauma and how ill-equipped our society is to respond to it. But it's also about class, and what gets assigned value, WHO gets assigned value. Who has permission to make art, who is supported in that art, and who has to put themselves at risk in order to afford to make art. It is both heartbreaking and expertly crafted.
  • i didn't think you'd be so unhappy
    17 Aug. 2020
    This play is so beautifully specific. All the characters are clear as crystal, and it's hilarious to boot. And while you're caught up in it, laughing, smelling vomit and back alleys, all the sudden you're on the edge of tears because female friendships are amazing and this play floods all of that and more into you in its brief pages. Excited to read more from this playwright.
  • A Christmas Pickle
    17 Aug. 2020
    A wonderful holiday play filled with magic and longing for magic. It's sweet, without ever being overly sentimental, Incrocci leaves just the right space for the audience to lean in and fill in the rest of the myth with their own imagination. I know my mind is still filled with what might have been said the night before. Really well crafted.
  • We are Wombats!
    17 Aug. 2020
    This play had me at the title. It's strange and hilarious and it would be an absolute blast to play any of the characters. Read this play! Produce this play!!
  • The Improv Class
    17 Aug. 2020
    This play starts out so funny and maddening - especially for anyone with experience in improv, and by the end it hits your straight in the heart. Really well crafted.
  • DROP
    17 Aug. 2020
    WOW! Wow wow wow wow! This ten-minute play is huge and wonderful. Duffy throws out all the "rules" we are taught about making things "small" and "producible" to create something huge and fantastic. DROP reminds me of Shirley Jackson's stories, or Caryl Churchill's plays. I love it. Read this play and then put it on stage (when we can do that again)!
  • Love and the Fear of it All
    17 Aug. 2020
    The amount of life covered in this ten-minute play is staggering, it has hilarious physical comedy, painful anxiety, exuberant joy, and passionate love. Rincon is able to make the audience snap in and care so much about the characters immediately. Would be such a blast to stage live, or watch from the audience. There's room for designers and a director to navigate exactly how extravagant the surprise is, which would be so fun to dig into. Really well done.