Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • Mestiza, or Mixed
    16 May. 2021
    Complex and so nuanced, even in this early draft. A exploration through identity and relationships, and how those translate into the art we make. I am so excited to see and hear more of this play as it is developed.
  • Fremont Junior High Is NOT Doing Oklahoma!
    1 Apr. 2021
    A deliciously hilarious play. I laughed out loud more times than I can remember giving this a read. The dialogue pops along, the characters are flawed and relatable, and the main problem the play tackles feels both essentially junior high AND one that all of American Theatre is grappling with right now.
  • Gin Mummy
    20 Oct. 2020
    This play is a hilarious poke at historical dramas. It's clever, well written, and is begging to be done at colleges and universities across the country. Read and produce this play, please! And then invite me for opening night!
  • Crush (10 min)
    25 Aug. 2020
    What a creepy, crawl-y, cringe-y, curious, comic, and crazy little play! What a thrill this would be to perform, and to watch live. Fantastic material for an audition!
  • Closing Doors
    25 Aug. 2020
    Minigan explores the horrors of school shootings through bureaucracy and the impossible roles teachers are expected to play. It's horrifying to think that conversations like this one probably happen in our country regularly. A chilling ten-minute that cuts past the debate of should-we or shouldn't-we have guns and examines the position our inaction puts schools.
  • You’re My Favorite
    25 Aug. 2020
    Nothing like crying at your computer in the middle of the day. OOOF. This plays is really well written, and the pacing of it is perfect. It feels like you get the entire life of this dog/human relationship, but that never feels forced. I think that's because the structure is so well thought-out. Excited to read more by this playwright!
  • Sincerely, Best Wishes, Regards
    24 Aug. 2020
    I love this play a whole whole lot. And talk about being perfect for this moment! If you're looking for a short play that would work digitally, this is a terrific option. I was so impressed by the heart and pain and camaraderie built into these short pages. And the humor! Read this play then put it up! Great work.
  • The Falling Man
    24 Aug. 2020
    Such a bold and powerful short play. The poetic language pulls the audience into the tremendous pain of the piece. Absorbing. Would be incredible to see fully staged.
  • Voir Dire
    24 Aug. 2020
    An unflinching look at women and the experiences the vast majority of us are forced to endure. VOIR DIRE is quite brilliant in structure and use of overlap. Incredible work.
    21 Aug. 2020
    The dialogue in this plays is so complex and layered. You could read it over and over and still find new discoveries within it. Really well written, would love to see it up on its feet.