Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • Love and the Fear of it All
    17 Aug. 2020
    The amount of life covered in this ten-minute play is staggering, it has hilarious physical comedy, painful anxiety, exuberant joy, and passionate love. Rincon is able to make the audience snap in and care so much about the characters immediately. Would be such a blast to stage live, or watch from the audience. There's room for designers and a director to navigate exactly how extravagant the surprise is, which would be so fun to dig into. Really well done.
  • Well-Intentioned White People
    8 Jun. 2020
    Lynett has an exceptional talent for creating complex and deep characters, putting them in intense situations, and making everyone laugh until they cry. This play made me look at my life and my choices and think about how I have absolutely not listened and not given space to humans who actually need it. I can/should do better. Making an audience realize that, while giving room to laugh, is this play's greatest strength. It's okay to make your audience uncomfortable. This play should be done across the country. Read this play! And more of Rachel Lynett's work. AND PRODUCE HER!
  • The Bomb A 10-minute Play
    4 Jun. 2020
    A fast dangerous two-hander that deftly jumps between humor, jilted love, and generational trauma and tragedy. I was rooting for the two characters to find their way back to one another from the beginning, which made the conclusion all the more jarring and heart-breaking.
  • The Gift
    4 Jun. 2020
    A chilling historical play that shows how you lose your humanity when you deny the humanity of others. White supremacy poisons the white couple in the play beyond repair. The frank dialogue from Lewis makes this play all the more horrifying.
  • Crying on Television
    4 Jun. 2020
    CRYING ON TELEVISION is such a lovely and funny play about connection, friendship, and our human need for community. I loved it from page on, I laughed out loud and had to fight back tears more than once. A heartwarming and endearing play that would bring in audiences in theaters across the country. Thomas' writing feels like being with your best friend(s) and just laughing your asses off together the whole time. Read and produce this play, please and thank you.
  • Behind the Sheet
    2 Jun. 2020
    This play is heartbreaking, beautifully written, and potentially nightmare inducing. It is a history I wish more people were aware of, disturbing as it is. Charly Evon Simpson always has so much depth to her characters, and this play is no different. She shows joy in a place one would imagine none would be found, and with this glimmer of joy the pain is that much more felt. Read this play, produce this play, live in this play, let yourself be uncomfortable and torn up with this look at history.
  • Hooded or Being Black for Dummies
    2 Jun. 2020
    Brilliant, poetic, beautiful, funny (laughs both forced and otherwise), and emphatically theatrical. A journey to find self and community, and how/if anyone can escape the poison of whiteness in America.
  • Queen of Sad Mischance
    9 Apr. 2020
    What I find the most compelling about this play is how the complexity of story and the character deepens with each new page and scene. All three characters are onions with layer upon layer of depth, operating within a world that is shifting quickly, along with Beverly's mind. Really well written and thoughtful.
  • Tales of Olympus: A Greek Myth Musical
    23 Mar. 2020
    I love Greek myths, and this musical does a fantastic job of bringing them to life for young audiences. The songs are fun and clever, the characters are familiar but still fresh, and I love the urgency Kahng gives these gods and goddesses in modern times. Highly recommend for reading and production, could be really fun to do in a school theater program as well!
  • FLEX
    8 Feb. 2020
    Fast paced, action packed, and full of complex roles for young women. Would be a theatrical feat to produce, one I would run to see! Hoping this lands in many seasons around the country, it deserves to. Can’t wait to read/see more from Jones!