Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • The Effect of Ultraviolet Light
    25 Sep. 2019
    Poetic and visceral. I love historical work that feels urgent and immediate, and Rice achieves this with this play. The script also is a gift to designers, Rice leaves space for so much creativity and collaboration in developing the world and the control loss experienced by Roger Arliner Young. Read it!!!
  • OPEN
    29 Aug. 2019
    How I wish I had seen this live! And I will for sure rush out if I am ever given the opportunity. A beautiful play that puts the audience in the story in a such a compelling way. And what a love story! This would be a fantastic challenge for an actor, a director, and all designers involved. So creative, and so much possibility. I highly recommend!
  • Lucy and the Statue
    28 Aug. 2019
    A heart wrenching look at addiction, mostly because Kokai never wallows in pain with either character. She instead leaves all of that for the audience to soak up.
  • Bombastic Blue
    28 Aug. 2019
    A funny and horrifying ten-minute about what just might be our apocalypse. The dialogue is snappy and engaging, with plenty for actors to dig into in production.
  • A small breach in protocol at Big Rick's Rockin' Skydive Academy
    27 Aug. 2019
    What a roller coaster ride of a short play! It has incredible movement, force, the pacing is unbelievable, a total blast for actors, a director, and designers. I love plays that push the boundaries of what we think can live on stage, and Hirsch swings for the fences with this one. Also, not for nothing, it made me laugh and cry.
  • Ghost Play
    26 Aug. 2019
    An incredibly funny sex positive play for two actors to have a blast with and make an audience roar with laughter. I had many laugh out loud moments just reading it off the page. This would be so fantastic performed live! Really fun work.
  • Far, Far Better Things
    25 Aug. 2019
    A beautiful script. I was so invested in the characters, and their lives, I was on the edge of my seat while reading. My heart was breaking for the lack of options for Pilar, the loneliness of Zoe, the dashed spirit of Dani. I wish I'd seen the production earlier this year, and hoping this play keeps getting produced! Highly recommend reading and producing.
  • Teenage Dick (vaguely from Richard III)
    19 Aug. 2019
    TEENAGE DICK is outstanding! It was hilarious, just reading it in the comfort of my own home. I can only imagine how funny this play is live. The heightened language laced throughout is brilliant. One of the best Shakespeare inspired plays I've come across. I can't wait to see this performed! If you get the chance, jump to see/read/produce it.
  • Door to Balloon
    20 Jul. 2019
    Haunting and heartbreaking. DOOR TO BALLOON weaves three seemingly separate worlds into one to create an evocative and challenging play about trauma and how we can ever hope to recover. I loved the juxtaposition, the bleeding between the three worlds, the inner world of our stand-up comedian that she can't keep down. Another play deserving to be produced, consumed, and discussed around the country. Highly recommend for production and reading!
  • CREAM!
    20 Jul. 2019
    CREAM! is absurd, wild, hilarious, and delicious. I was constantly dazzled by the production requirements of this play, the music, dancing, images, and lights. What a joy this would be to produce and to see as an audience member! The Cake narrator takes the show and their monologues are delectable and disturbing, two of them in fact make me want to act again just to use them at auditions. I would run to the theater to see this fully realized on the stage. Highly recommend everyone read, and highly highly recommend a theater in my vicinity produce.