Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • Stiletto Envy
    26 Nov. 2019
    Enjoyed reading this! Had a lot for actors, both emotionally and physically. Sweet, awkward, and a little sad. They’re reaching for one another, but I’m not sure contact will be made.
  • The Lucky Ones
    26 Nov. 2019
    The strength of this play for me lies in the unsaid, the spaces left for our imagination. It’s devastating to imagine your best (and only?) friend getting cancer, and the things Romero leaves unsaid gives so much for her actors, a director, and an audience to dig into. I related to all the characters, I feel like I’ve been both of these women. It was refreshing to read a story about friendship. There’s also a lot of fun imagery and spectacle for designers to play with. Highly recommend for reading and producing.
  • The Anthropology Section
    25 Nov. 2019
    An excellent ten-minute play filled with humor, large ideas clashing, and regret. Highly recommend.
  • Leda and the pr0n
    25 Nov. 2019
    Who gets to say what's art and what's pornography? An enjoyable and funny short dissecting this with two teenage girls from the abstinence club. HONK!
  • Inner Dialogue
    25 Nov. 2019
    An endearing, cringe-worthy, and super funny short play. This would be such a blast for directors and actors to dig into, I love the idea of inner monologue as communication. Would make a fantastic addition to a night of ten-minute plays.
  • The Book of Mountains and Seas
    23 Nov. 2019
    A beautiful play. Filled with humor and heart. It breaks your heart quite a bit as well. There's a ton to dig into theatrically, a lot the playwright has left designers to imagine and play with. A look at loss and grief, culture clashing, and what parents can expect from their children, even after they've died. Highly recommend for reading and producing.
  • Ballet for Aliens (written with Gerard Hernandez and O. Kokai-Means)
    18 Nov. 2019
    I caught a reading of BALLET FOR ALIENS this past weekend, it's an incredibly imaginative, touching, and funny new short play for young audiences. The characters are complex and captivating, my kids and I both wanted to spend more time with them. The play also doesn't shy away from complicated/hard topics, like fear of needles and living with a Chronic illness, nor does it ever talk down to children.
  • Colonialism is Terrible, But Phở is Delicious
    28 Oct. 2019
    An exploration of historic and modern colonialism, appropriation, appreciation, and tradition through pho. Pho IS delicious, and so is this play. It's clever, and funny, and doesn't hold back on the societal criticism. I also appreciated the theatrical dealing with multiple languages and moving through time periods, both are conveyed simply and clearly to the audience, allowing us to use our imagination.
  • delicacy of a puffin heart
    6 Oct. 2019
    This play is masterfully woven. Relationships, identity, love, loss, and time, circle and wrap each scene like poetry. The loneliness is enhanced with the joy of the characters and vice versa. Would love to see this beautiful play realized on stage.
  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    1 Oct. 2019
    "You know, I spent my twenties having sex with boys to be polite. Because it was easier than saying no."

    This line, along with SO many other lines of Dratwa's play knocked me on my ass. This play is hilarious, cutting, fiercely theatrical, tragic, disgusting, disturbing, and so so so much more. It would be a creative feat all around to produce, and I would travel many miles to see it. Please read this play, please produce this play.