Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Joey Age 8
    20 Jan. 2022
    I have read all four of the Joey plays and my heart hurts. Bravo to Joe Swenson for telling the tale of his life in these short plays. Thank heavens for his imaginary friend.
  • A Bubbe's Gift
    20 Jan. 2022
    The connection between the grandmother and granddaughter is so beautiful. With every word, I could picture the two of them. There's a wig and it symbolizes so much. I am ever hopeful for Bubbe.
  • Mixed Signals
    20 Jan. 2022
    This five minute two hander had me emotionally involved from the top. The pain of Katherine not being out to her family is palpable. In contrast, Aurelia has a mother who flies a rainbow flag. Even at five pages, you want so much to have them connect and be able to move on. A lovely piece.
  • Just A Local
    15 Jan. 2022
    Oh the telling of tales once the summer is over. Is there just an ounce of jealousy about the summer residents. If secrets get told... This is a short and to the point monologue about one man left when the rich go home.
  • The Shirt
    8 Jan. 2022
    A sweet short play about two siblings arguing about appropriate dress for their mother’s funeral. Wasn’t sure where it was going and loved the surprise turn about at the end.
  • Vinterlys
    30 Dec. 2021
    This is a mysterious piece of I want to know more. What happens to Samantha and Akuma now. Vinterlys, the theme of this piece, didn't turn out the way I thought it might. Very entertaining play leaving us with a lot of questions.
  • I.T.S. (In the Syllabus)
    28 Dec. 2021
    This delightful one minute play sounds like what I hear from my college professor friends! So true and on the mark. Sadly.
  • The Bear - Beginnings
    27 Dec. 2021
    From the mouth of a small, stuffed bear...the horror of the war. This monologue is sad and delightful both, and gives us a glimpse of one life saved.
  • The Wilderness: A Ten-Minute Play
    24 Dec. 2021
    Everyone knows war is hell. But sometimes there is some salvation when opponents meet. This is a raw piece of theatre. A two hander bringing us the horrors of war and how two men save each other from more horror.
  • The Sign
    22 Dec. 2021
    The Sign is a timely short play about listening and hearing; about assumptions when you don't know better and should; and about ingrown prejudices.