Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • A LITTLE LOVE GOES A LONG WAY (A short monologue play)
    7 Apr. 2024
    I heard this monologue today and I laughed out loud throughout this reading. It's so inventive and fun and it's what every unhappy wife dreams about...having someone so tender to spend time with. What woman doesn't want her lower lip kissed the way Hal kisses hers? Or her big toe kissed? Bravo!
  • 18,936 Steps (A Monologue)
    7 Apr. 2024
    This monologue deals with the ultimate frustration...knowing you can't help, can't be there, when your special person needs you. Medical facilities can be very cold and unyielding. In this case, all those steps taken were the only way to get through a horrible experience.
  • Wait - A monologue
    7 Apr. 2024
    I heard this monologue today and could relate to everything in it. Where did the time go...wait...stop growing up so fast. A beautiful memory of what it is to be a mother and watch a child grow up.
  • The Drought
    7 Apr. 2024
    This monologue is fun and sexy, and you think it's going one way and then in a heartbeat it turns tail. What a fun piece and so very current! Wonderful!
  • Always
    5 Apr. 2024
    Do tears count? I was tearing up at several points while reading this lovely short play. Two people who know each other well and cherish their relationship after years of being together find themselves at a scary point in their long lives. they recall long ago memories and dance their fears away. Magic.
  • Yeah, I Have Regrets (Monologue)
    3 Apr. 2024
    I think it becomes clearer with age...the things you regret or not in your life. As I read this monologue, things in my own life came into my mind...things I regret doing and things I wish I'd done sooner. This is a very touching monologue with a very satisfying ending. We should always meet that person who is perfect for us.
  • The Amuse Bouchées
    2 Apr. 2024
    This short play not only amuses the mouth, it amuses our souls. I'm with Gordy...I can no longer imbibe in over eating. And the ending is a delightful twist between two men who have been friends for years.
  • Becoming Italian - a monologue
    1 Apr. 2024
    This monologue touched my heart in a way I didn't expect. My mother was a boring cook, but she could sew and knit beautifully. Somehow I was able to connect this monologue to the love my mother gave me with all she taught me. Thanks to Back Porch Theatre and Miranda for a very insightful reading.
  • The Elusive Pursuit of Maximum Bliss
    24 Mar. 2024
    This short sci-fi play is intelligent and romantic in its own way. I saw a production of it at Sea Shorts, Lauderdale By the Sea. What a way to find bliss. Take me into the next era.
  • The Men in the Mirror
    24 Mar. 2024
    I saw this entertaining two hander at Sea Shorts, Lauderdale by the Sea. You think it's going one way and Preuss turns the piece on its head. Makes me want to contact the Police Department.