Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • Angel
    5 May. 2023
    Oh how characters fight with playwrights, especially when they've outgrown their time. It's a new world. Angel doesn't get it and loses her hold on Tom.. But will Bethany be the death of Tom?
  • You'll be Missed, Stephen Sondheim
    4 May. 2023
    I too love the music of Sondheim and as I read song titles in this moving piece, I heard them in my head. Such openness about life's hurts and pains. And such joy to hear of the marriage. However, my heart still aches for the person. I want to hear someone read the opening line of this monologue!
  • The Happy Place
    4 May. 2023
    Most people go to Disney World to have fun. Ethel is on a different mission. Woody holds her for the security force because she was in a scuffle with Snow White and was found to be defacing the property. Read this play to find out how. Very funny concept.
  • The Quickening
    3 May. 2023
    Marie has been holding her breath and waiting for years to learn her husband is not dead, but MIA. Finally photos and a visit from people at the Pentagon confirm her worst fear. Sadly, she uses Joe her handyman to ease her heartbreak by asking him to dance. Is she asking for more...we're not sure. Either way this is a heartbreaking story about loss of loved ones.
  • Not a Hallmark Christmas
    3 May. 2023
    Talk about reading another person wrong! This is a Hallmark type movie gone bad. Expectations are so wrong in this case. be careful with instantly falling in love. It'll bite you in the ass if you're not careful.
  • Can We Talk A While?
    3 May. 2023
    Strangers rarely connect, but in this short piece they do. Two lonely people at a bar finally tell truths about themselves as they down drinks. Finally there is a bit of a connection and the hope that it will continue. A very real piece.
  • I can do it
    3 May. 2023
    This monologue lets us into the life of a trust fund kid. The problem, though, is that the eldest brother controls the fund and therefore his siblings. The middle child, Heather, is strong, and I'd put my money on her to get her younger brother and herself out of there.
  • On Queue
    3 May. 2023
    If only Waiting for Godot was as short and fun as Norkin's play! Two men meet for some event and then nothing. References to famous actors aid the humor. It's a quiet pice that would add to any festival.
  • A Conversation About Mom
    3 May. 2023
    It takes some people a long time to come to their senses and reconnect with the people they have lost. This short play leads you in one direction and then promptly does a turn about. The pain between father and son is palpable. The hope is they will find peace and a renewed life. Very moving piece.
  • A Wonderful Life?
    3 May. 2023
    Bruce Karp does his own take on the original movie "It's A Wonderful Life". In a quick ten minutes, we learn all about George's past with the help of his angel. Great piece for any festival of shorts.