Recommended by Marj O'Neill-Butler

  • A Dave with Destiny
    5 Jun. 2022
    Saw a production of this play and it was a delight. A "man meets women" story. They find something in common and then whammy, a real turn about. Good short piece.
  • The Pity Mourner (Ten Minute)
    5 Jun. 2022
    This is a sweet two hander for older actors. An unexpected connection is at the heart of this short play. Hooray for Archie reaching out. And in a funeral parlor to boot!
  • Feeder (A Monologue)
    5 Jun. 2022
    This is such an interesting and intense monologue. And with every good piece of writing, I'm still wondering about the bird feeder.
  • Tucumcari Tonite!
    3 Jun. 2022
    The odd couple buddy story that takes place in a desert while they are literally on the run. What more can you ask for in a two hander. Great dialogue and characters.
    1 Jun. 2022
    A heart stopping two page monologue that keeps you from breathing as you read it. It's like a roller coaster, the scary kind. Phew!
  • Childhood Home
    30 May. 2022
    Oh, this is a sweet, short piece with a real kick at the end. It didn’t go where I expected it to go. Great short piece for two men.
  • Bearly Coping
    1 May. 2022
    Anyone with a love of English bears and A.A. Milne will find this short play fun. I love the way the dialogue creeps up on you as you read and realize who is actually speaking. Great piece for 20 something actors.
  • Press The Red Button - A Fragile Mind Show (Show 1)
    29 Apr. 2022
    In my worst moments, I fear going through something like this. In this day, it feels as if something like this is possible. Jenny coming out of the other side was such a relief!
  • Family Justice
    21 Apr. 2022
    Oh how familiar this feels. Sibling rivalry at its best. Love the fact that the six year old girl is played by a grownup. Really fun and true to life!
  • The Invention of Time
    10 Apr. 2022
    I suppose it depends on where you are when time is involved. To two cellmates, it's a blur, because time stands still where they live. This is a powerful play that lets you know "life is still out there."