Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • Paybacks
    8 Aug. 2022
    A hilarious short play. I love how it starts off serious only for the whole story to turn on its head with the reveal. Will have any audience laughing. Perfect for short play festivals!
  • La Bonne Fortune (for Rene Magritte)
    29 Jul. 2022
    A short funny play that effectively sets up the final punchline. Would be fun for any audience to see. Perfect for short play festivals!
  • 8 Floors and Counting
    26 Jul. 2022
    A hilarious short play with an engaging concept and engaging characters. Plenty of laugh-out-loud lines throughout and would be a blast for any actor to perform. Would love to see it staged!
    26 Jul. 2022
    I really loved how Charles Scott Jones was able to successfully blend so many different genres together. Great comedy, horror, and some excellent twists and turns. Highly recommended for Halloween or for any time of the year!
  • Imaginary Friends (a ten-minute play)
    15 Jul. 2022
    A great short comedy with an engaging premise. This play took many different directions and I thought they were all equally clever. A wonderful commentary on the transition from childhood to adulthood and the choices we are willing to make. Well done!
  • A Frozen Window
    10 Jul. 2022
    A powerful two-character piece. I wasn't sure where it was going when I first started reading it and I was floored by the end. Gripping dialogue and an intriguing premise, all beginning with a frozen window in a dorm room. Cole Hunter Dzubak does a wonderful job here. Would love to see it staged!
  • Alone?
    5 Jul. 2022
    A beautiful short play with an engaging premise and a brilliant twist I never saw coming. Well written dialogue, scattered humor, and a story that really pulls at your heartstrings. Simple yet complex all at the same time this would be perfect for short play festivals!
  • Sad Lonely People
    3 Jul. 2022
    A great character study between two polar opposite characters who discover they have a lot more than they thought right before the ball drops on New Year's. Funny, poignant, and relatable to any audience. A great short play!
  • Dream Office
    2 Jul. 2022
    A wonderful comedy drama about two women at different stages in their careers. I love the concept that their interaction takes place a pair of overlapping dreams and I love all the wit and gripping dialogue that Cassidy Byron uses. Perfect for short play festivals. Well done!
  • The Rotary Phone
    19 Jun. 2022
    A great short play filled with a lot of wit and revolving around an engaging premise. The concept starts off simple and then gets increasingly more futuristic. This'll be a lot of fun for audience members both young and old. Great job!