Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • REVELATIONS (Joshua Monologues)
    26 May. 2023
    A series of gripping monologues from what I'm sure is a gripping full-length play. The character of Joshua is so distinct and engaging that after reading each of his monologues, you are left wanting to read more. Excellent work all around!
  • Visitation
    13 May. 2023
    A believable and poignant short drama with two great roles written for an actor and an actress. The play hooks you from the moment it begins all the way to its heartbreaking conclusion. I would love to see this performed. Incredibly well done!
  • Broken: A Ten-Minute Play
    12 May. 2023
    A great political thriller that keeps you guessing what is going to happen until the very end. My allegiance swayed from one character to another with every turn of the page. Would love to see this staged!
  • Let's Be Friends
    11 May. 2023
    What starts out as a humorous piece, quickly turns to the beginning of a great thriller. Molly Canu has a great gift of building suspense and setting up a scene. Would love to see this expanded!
  • Duo
    29 Apr. 2023
    As a big superhero fan, I absolutely loved this short comedy. Tom Moran does such a great job spoofing the genre and manages to incorporate a lot of wit into every line of dialogue. Perfect for short play festivals. I would love to see this produced!
  • Sojourn! (A Pizza Story)
    23 Apr. 2023
    A wonderful short musical comedy that blends together both past and present. Sojurn is written in such a way that it feels like a period piece but contains plenty of present-day references (including one laugh out loud reference to Tinder). Engaging from start to end. Would love to see produced!
  • Tipping
    1 Apr. 2023
    I love how the premise of this play is introduced and I love how we get to know these two characters. Both are engaging and it's interesting how their roles switch near the end. A lot of laughs and well-written roles for men and/or women. Well done!
  • On Queue
    25 Mar. 2023
    An engaging and funny short play. As I was reading, I thought it was a wonderful spoof of Waiting for Godot and then the characters started talking about Waiting for Godot! Filled with various references to theatre and several A-list actors, On Queue, is a winner for any audience!
  • Merlot LeMay With Mayonnaise
    5 Mar. 2023
    What an engaging and original comedy/dark comedy! We've seen so many stories with celestial beings and angels coming down to help people and Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn deals with this story in such a new and engaging way that it will have all audiences laughing out loud. I had a smile reading this from beginning to end. Would love to see it staged!
  • Life Choices
    28 Feb. 2023
    A powerful piece that has multiple layers to it. What initially begins as a 1984-esque play about how controlling the government can be, transitions into a play that shows how our lives can change based on the cards we dealt. I would love to see this play performed as it would certainly get audiences talking!