Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

    6 Jun. 2024
    HILARIOUS! I've seen more productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream than I can count and I've heard more and more calls for theatres to issue "trigger warnings." Combining the two was a smart move on Paul Smith's part and it gives way to a hilarious satire (although for some circles, it may hit too close to home). A riot from beginning to end. I especially loved the closing lines referring to Titus!
    2 Jun. 2024
    There is so much conveyed in this monologue. A sense of loss, a yearning for the past, and the debate as to when we are ready to move on. Anyone in the audience will be able to relate to Cynthia's dilemma and will be as thoroughly engrossed in this monologue as I was. Beautiful from beginning to end. Well done!
  • Once upon a Train (A One-Minute Play)
    23 May. 2024
    A very engaging piece. Despite the play being one minute, we learn a great deal about the characters, their hopes, their desires, and the unspoken sadness that exists between them. Powerful!
  • The Understudies
    23 May. 2024
    A lot of fun! I loved the characters and the specified casting directions. Seeing two adult actresses act as if they were two well written young characters would be very engaging to see. The dialogue is full of wit and simultaneously captures both being a kid and being in the theatre. Nice work!
  • Four Play
    23 May. 2024
    What an engaging dark comedy! A lot of fun from beginning to end and I love the relationships between the two couples. This will have an audience talking. Great job!
  • Final Girl
    23 May. 2024
    Wow! This piece went in directions I never expected and I was so glad it did! As a fan of horror slashers, this piece tackled the genre in a really creative way. I'd love to see this performed. Fun, fun, fun!
  • But, Babe
    23 May. 2024
    An excellent ten-minute holiday comedy! It's wonderful to see these two characters set aside a variety of differences and come together. As someone who also loves the movie, Babe, several lines had me laughing out loud. I also love the spin that Samara puts on meeting the parents and family, without actually showing the audience the parents or family. Wonderful job!
  • Safe Word
    18 May. 2024
    Fun, fun, fun! This play hooked me in from the opening lines and I found myself laughing until the very end. Would be great for any actor to perform. Well done!
  • Last Call for Curtain Call
    18 May. 2024
    An absolutely delightful short! A great concept, great characters, and so many laugh out loud moments. This would be a riot to see performed in front of an audience. Very Lend me a Tenor. Great job!
  • Does It Bring You Joy? (a one minute play)
    10 May. 2024
    A short sweet comedic piece. The relationship between the mother and teenage daughter is great as well as the idea of "perfection" and how we're all trying to achieve it. Well done!