Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • The Reunion
    25 Feb. 2024
    An engaging play that will have audiences engrossed from beginning to end. There's a touch of magical realism sprinkled throughout the pages and it's a delight to see all these different characters engaging with one another in what appears to be different realities. An absolute delight and theatrical in every sense of the word. I would love to see it staged!
  • Holy or Holey -- Catholic Rituals: A Monologue
    11 Feb. 2024
    This is a beautifully written monologue. The way Melissa Milich creates a time and a place makes you feel as if you were really there. This will speak to all of us as it brings back fond memories of our families, our Easter traditions, holidays, and being together in general. I would love to see this performed. Well done!
  • Bitter Pill
    9 Feb. 2024
    A really fun short play with an engaging concept. I thought I knew where this was going several times and I kept getting pleasantly surprised time after time. This would be a dream piece for two actresses to work on. Well done!
  • SUNSETS (a monologue)
    5 Feb. 2024
    A powerful monologue that leaves the audience wanting more after the delivery of each line. A beautiful piece about love and about being there for one another in the darkest and happiest of times. This would be a dream piece for any actress. Well done!
  • So This is a One Minute Play
    5 Feb. 2024
    I've always been intrigued by the concept of one minute plays and the title alone of this one got me interested. Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn takes an emerging trend in the theatre and pokes fun at it in a humorous and engaging way. I would definitely love to see this in any emerging one minute play festivals!
    25 Jan. 2024
    This play will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. There were several twists and turns that I didn't see coming and it features an ending that will get everyone talking. Perfect for the student, the teacher, and the concerned citizen in all of us. Well done!
  • A Chemical Solution
    20 Jan. 2024
    A compelling short piece that would be a dream for two actresses to work on, and a delight for audiences to watch. Well done!
  • Bluehair
    19 Jan. 2024
    I was smiling from beginning to end as I read this piece. The concept is really creative and there were so many fun twists and turns that I genuinely didn't see where it was a going. Fun from beginning to end! Would be perfect for ten minute play festivals as well as for the gamer in all of us!
  • Double Trouble - One Act
    10 Jan. 2024
    A really funny play with an engaging concept. This would be perfect for one act play festivals and audience members of all ages would enjoy this. Reminds me of Neil Simon comedies mixed in with some Home Alone. I would love to see this staged. Well done!
    5 Jan. 2024
    A play that is sure to put both kids and adults into the Christmas spirit. Fun from beginning to end and would be perfect for festivals around Christmas or anytime of year. Well done!