Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • Never No More (a Zoom play)
    3 Mar. 2021
    An engaging two person play that is perfect for the Zoom format. You really love these characters and their interactions are both charming and gripping at the same time. Well done!
  • Fire and Bread
    1 Mar. 2021
    A really witty and engaging short period piece. The characters are well-defined, each with their own voice, and I was really invested in the time period Ky Weeks so eloquently sets up. A truly original 10 minute play that audiences would love. Well done!
  • The Review, a monologue
    26 Feb. 2021
    A heartfelt comedy/drama that does a great job examining the relationship between two people and all they've been through as co-workers throughout the years. This monologue is very believable and poignant and it stays with you long after you've read it. Well done!
  • Cracked Slipper
    20 Feb. 2021
    A really great comedic spoof on the Cinderella Story. We've heard the story so many times and Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn does a great job making it her own by telling it from the point of view of the prince. A winning monologue. Well done!
  • Hialeah In Winter
    20 Feb. 2021
    What a riveting monologue this was! Quite a few twists and turns and I love how it takes place at Christmas to contrast the horror elements. Jordan Elizabeth Henry gives this character such a distinctive voice that puts you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Excellent job!
  • Zoe or Zoe
    19 Feb. 2021
    A fun fun comedy that will resonate with any English, poetry, or Shakespeare lover. I love how Samantha Marchant plays with words and she has a real knack for dialogue. A great play for ten minute festivals!
  • Balconies
    19 Feb. 2021
    What a great play. Full of drama, humor, and sizzling chemistry between two dynamic characters. Perfect for 10 minute play festivals. Well done!
  • Tracy Jones
    19 Feb. 2021
    A great heartwarming play filled with endearing characters, an engaging premise, a lot of laughs, and a lot of dramatic moments that took me by surprise. A single, simple set and a small cast make this an easy to produce play that we all need right now. Well done!
  • Crusades
    2 Feb. 2021
    A beautiful play about faith and how loss can divide and ultimately unite us. I love how John Mabey makes the teen character a believer and the mother a doubter. It's a nice switch and goes against too many stereotypes we've seen in plays dealing with faith. Wonderful dialogue and characters make for a great ten minute play. Well done!
  • Mute Me Baby, One More Time
    31 Jan. 2021
    A wonderful relevant comedy. I love how Emily McClain takes the concept of an awkward first date and transitions it to a Zoom format. A lot of fun from beginning to end. Great job!