Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • Type 1
    11 Jul. 2021
    A thoroughly engaging short play that addresses an issue a lot of people aren't familiar with. Great compelling characters, intricate dialogue, and a surprise ending. Well done!
    2 Jul. 2021
    A really great comedy/drama with two compelling roles for actors and an engaging premise. I also really loved the references to old film noir movies. Well done!
  • Breaking the Cycle (A Monologue)
    30 Jun. 2021
    A profound and powerful monologue. This will keep an audience thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end and it offers a wonderful complex role for an actress. Incredibly well done!
    24 Jun. 2021
    A thoroughly engaging short play that keeps you guessing right until the reveal of the shocking and effective ending. The banter works well between the two characters and the two characters are well defined. A great short drama. Well done!
  • Shattered, a 10-minute play
    18 Jun. 2021
    A powerful short play filled with gripping dialogue and engaging characters. It keeps you hooked and invested in the situation until the curtain falls. Great job!
  • Sorting it Out
    12 Jun. 2021
    A touching and heartwarming short drama. From the first line of dialogue you are completely invested in these characters and this story. Really well done, this would be perfect for short play festivals. Great job!
  • Suicide Hotline
    10 Jun. 2021
    Very funny and filled with razor shar dialogue. From the first line, until the laugh-out-loud ending, this will a favorite of audiences at any short play festival. Well done!
  • Copycat
    6 Jun. 2021
    A very funny and engaging short play. The premise is so original, the characters so engaging, and ultimately a fun ride from start to finish with a few twists and turns here and there. This would be perfect for one act play festivals. Well done!
  • Rooted (monologue)
    2 Jun. 2021
    A really funny and engaging monologue. The dialogue is realistic and witty and the ending really had me laughing. Great for auditions or short play festivals. Well done!
  • Dance like no one can see you
    28 May. 2021
    A very funny short monologue that does an excellent job in creating a time and a place on stage. Rachel Feeny-Williams does a wonderful job capturing a specific time in a person's life and her use of humor is wonderful. Great for short play festivals!