Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

    28 Apr. 2021
    An engaging and powerful monologue. Paul Smith fills his script with plenty of sections that make you laugh and plenty that pull at your heartstrings. From attending funerals to attending theatrical productions, we learn so much about Judith and her friend Felicity and are on the edge of our seats throughout. I love the numerous pop-culture references. From Michael Ball (my mom always plays his Christmas album at Christmas) to old Hollywood movies. This piece is a thoughtful and moving winner. Well done!
  • Snatch Squad
    25 Apr. 2021
    I love how David Patton sets up this piece. You think at first the monologue is about a battle and then you find out the battle is about young guys approaching a girl at a dance - a battle in itself! Very creative and funny. I love this monologue from beginning to end. Bravo!
  • The Wrap Up
    21 Apr. 2021
    A witty and engaging short piece. John Busser takes a popular historical figure and time period and uses it as a basis for a great comedic farce with dialogue that hooks you in from the first line and refuses to let go. Well done!
    21 Apr. 2021
    A thoroughly engaging short drama that hits all the right notes. Engaging characters, dialogue, and conflict against the backdrop of a circus. Very well done. Would be perfect for 10 minute play festivals!
  • I Hate Your Cat
    21 Apr. 2021
    A laugh-out-loud funny comedy that really hooks you in for the punchline. Fun throughout and will have audiences howling. Makes for a great night at the theatre!
  • I'll Do Better
    17 Apr. 2021
    A really funny short play driven by two really well-developed and compelling characters. I can see this play in Zoom or on-stage in person when theatres open. Debbie Lamedman has done a wonderful job here. Great job!
  • The Apothecary
    14 Apr. 2021
    A riveting short play. Compelling characters and an interesting premise. I also love the way Daniel Prillaman writes stage directions. He knows what he wants the audience to see, but he leaves it open enough to directors so they can make their mark on it. Well done!
  • THE MAGPIE'S GOLDEN RING - a monologue
    11 Apr. 2021
    What a wonderfully-written completely engaging monologue this was! Witty, poetic, and I loved the humorous twist at the end involving the woman the protagonist loved. I loved them having the same idea and how they were going through the same thing thanks to a pair of magpies. Well done!
  • The Turbulent Twins
    7 Apr. 2021
    A funny, engaging and meaningful short little play that's bound to please superhero and theatre fans alike! A really creative premise and great characters are sure to make this a hit at short play festivals!
  • Lady Augusta Gregory
    7 Apr. 2021
    In less than a page, Jessica Feder-Birnbaum tackles an engaging subject, introduces us to a compelling character, and writes a beyond powerful monologue. This monologue was so impressive it left we wanting more. I would love to see a play between Isabella and Butler Yeats in the midst of the Irish Literary Revival. This would be wonderful to see in a short play festival! Well done!