Recommended by Ryan Kaminski

  • Amelia?
    27 May. 2021
    A very funny and engaging piece that will both entertain and move any audience. So many laugh out loud funny parts and filled with heart, this short play is a winner for everyone. Well done!
  • Birdseed
    21 May. 2021
    A compelling short play filled with gripping characters, funny moments, sad moments, and moments that will leave audiences talking. There were so many twists I didn't see coming...all in the span of ten minutes. John Mabey has done a wonderful job here. Bravo!
  • Self: A Clown Show for One
    20 May. 2021
    A really engaging experimental piece. Offers a great role for an actor and will quickly engage an audience. Well done!
  • Welcome to Fourbucks
    20 May. 2021
    Short, sweet, and laugh out loud funny. Relatable to anyone who's been to a coffee shop when it gets hectic. Would be perfect for short play festivals. Great job!
  • Garbage City Heroes
    20 May. 2021
    A very funny science fiction comedy that's incredibly relevant. With all of us striving to return to normal, the characters in this play who strive to return to a happier time ring true. An engaging concept and wonderful roles for actors. Great job!
  • A Conversation About Mom
    15 May. 2021
    A wonderful short play about love, loss, forgiveness, and the relationships that connect us. I loved the relationship between the father and son and how the story unfolds. An audience would love this. Great job!
    12 May. 2021
    This is a really great and powerful monologue. It shows how everything happens for a reason and how some unpleasant experiences can lead us to what we were meant to do. Great role for an actress too. Great job!
  • A ROOM WITH A BIT OF MAGIC - a monologue
    12 May. 2021
    This is a wonderful monologue. I love how Marj O'Neill-Butler captures the childhood-like innocence we've all had when getting cast in a show and the magical process of a theatrical production finally coming together. I love the references to Disney's Cinderella as well. A great role for an actress!
  • Tethered: Edwin & Abigail
    11 May. 2021
    A really gripping short play. I love the relationship between the two characters and how Craig Houk saves the big revelations for the final moments. Well done!
  • Not Really (Little Star)
    10 May. 2021
    An incredibly powerful and moving monologue. I love how when it begins you really believe the man is giving this monologue to an actual star, but as you read further, you discover there is so much more deeper meaning. This would move an audience and is a great monologue for an actor to deliver. Well done!