Recommended by D. Lee Miller

  • SAWZALL SCREW UP ( a one minute monologue)
    29 May. 2022
    This comic monologue produces a gaggle of giggles and recognition, too - about a botched online order. What a wonderful way to break up an evening of one-act plays! Wonderfully funny.
  • EN POINTE ( a one minute monologue )
    29 May. 2022
    Ambition? Love? Insanity? Vivian Lermond in a minute's time, studies the life of a ballerina - most any performer - and drives it home in this truthful monologue. Well done.
  • DIVE BOMBER ( a one minute monologue)
    29 May. 2022
    One thing about a Dive Bomber: it can make you forget things for a moment - but won't be forgotten! The complications of a drink for a non-drinker - no matter the age - are comically embraced in this one minute gulp! You won't forget the monologue either.
  • TAILWIND (a one minute monologue)
    29 May. 2022
    The perfect reminder that there are people in our lives - often siblings - who can recenter you and put you back on your way. Lermond nails this supportive love in this lovely monologue.
  • SUPER ... NATURAL ( a one minute monologue )
    29 May. 2022
    Is this a revenge play? A love play? Lermond guides us with a sure hand for all those television watching couples. Funny and insightful - all in a minute!
    7 May. 2022
    Did you ever want to meet Mae West? Well, now you can! Vivian Lermond has penned a snazzy play about Mae West in her very own voice - and mind - and well, it's juicily funny! What a way to introduce the Queen of Sex to new audiences! A fabulous little play that will play well anyway! We should all get to come up and see MAE DAY sometime!
    2 May. 2022
    'A bird may love a fish but where will they make a home together?' This is an oft-occurring moment in so many lives and Lermond brings us the truth.
    2 May. 2022
    What is it we look for in our lives? Someone to keep us on track - share the good moments? The bad? Someone who knows what the moment calls for. I identify with both of these characters by sharing in their excesses! I think most audiences will too!
    2 May. 2022
    Who is cheesier in this comical pristine theatrical play of what sounds like a rather cheesy play? It is up to you - and the actors - to find out!
    22 Mar. 2022
    The utter nightmare of this! - When riding the subway, there are thoughts that can randomly occur to you that most can sluff off when they're brought back to the safety of the 'closing doors'. The reality of these fears coming true is paralyzing. Ms. Scott has fearlessly written a story of a blind woman on the subway that will paralyze you still - even in the safety of your seat. Well done!!