Recommended by D. Lee Miller

  • Bulletproof Love
    8 Apr. 2023
    It was time to read this again - and I'm glad I did. I love the characters Sickles has created - their speech, their love - I only wish that next time, I get to see this play produced. Well done, Scott Sickles..
  • Sitting at a Red Light in America
    8 Apr. 2023
    Most parents' nightmares -- that it's come to this. That we are not free and can't feel free to live our lives without fear. One instance where a parent will instill their fears into their children's. This fear is misplaced -- it should be working against guns. You've pushed this right in our faces, Ms. Syran. Thank you.
  • 'A'ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha (Distance is Ignored by Love): A Tropical Triptych
    8 Apr. 2023
    A sweet recollection and bittersweet presence make this initial story so soulful - Much of the beauty is with a Hawaiian backdrop used to perfection. In this triptych, we journey with Helen through her hopes, sorrows and joy of connecting, even briefly, to love. Anyone who has ever travelled alone or gone to dinner alone will connect with this story. Beautifully written, Nora Louise Syran.
  • Protocols
    8 Apr. 2023
    This play was picked blindly - I just wanted to read some Vince Gatton. How lucky was I! Gatton has given us a situation most of us know - two siblings - one needy and overlaid it with something out of left field - so you can't help but laugh as it gets clearer and clearer (and you are glad you are not one of the siblings) - Well written and a lot of fun!
  • Poor Paige
    8 Apr. 2023
    POOR PAIGE is a well-written and probably all-too-well-recognized story by Debra Cole. As an Amelia, I can't understand how she didn't haul off and hit Paige. (I wouldn't have, but still..) There are so many Paige's in this world and POOR PAIGE shows us how this has come to be - and the boundaries of friendship. Well done.
  • Ode to Winter
    8 Apr. 2023
    A sensual leavetaking of winter - Poetic and precise - You'll feel the welcoming of spring as sure as the wonderful writer.
  • My BFF died
    8 Apr. 2023
    A death requires a summation of sorts - of the relationship you had. This BFF has given the narrator a mass of loose ends to tie together - and they don't tie together the same way they may have in life - A fascinating take on a close friendship.
  • CONVERGENCE (A Different Christmas Story)
    4 Mar. 2023
    Erase your thoughts of Dickens or Dylan Thomas! This is a Lermond UK Christmas and she has set a table that won't soon be forgotten! Tilly welcomes a full house for a typical British family holiday - her brother, a stranger, a relative and new girlfriend. An unspoken family secret is revealed to these different but oh, so recognizable characters. Feast upon a few red herrings and appreciate Christmas anew! So well written and you'll enjoy casting it, too. Kudos, Lermond.
    5 Feb. 2023
    Midge has a thing or two to say about the most important of topics, love. Sometimes there is no way of reaching youth on the topic of sex and love but she knows you have to try. This good hearted woman wants to make a difference. Well done!
  • The Sugar Ridge Rag
    31 Jul. 2022
    I have been wanting to see The Sugar Ridge Rag by Philip Middleton Williams and finally got to read this beautiful and truthful play. Having lived through this period, I rarely read or see a play that gets it - That understands life in the 60's: the complex in the simplicity, and the simplicity in the complex. Middleton Williams has always written beautiful and sensitive relationship plays but this, written with the background of ragtime and 1960's America, sears your heart. Yes, I did cry. And I laughed at the goodheartedness of these characters. Should be seen nationwide.