Recommended by D. Lee Miller

  • EMANCIPATION (A One Minute Play)
    21 Apr. 2023
    How I love being misled with a little play like this! This play is sure to get your appetite worked up! An enjoyable morsel by Vivian Lermond.
  • LOBSTER BISQUE (A One Minute Play)
    21 Apr. 2023
    Call it whatever you want, a sunburn is nothing to laugh about. Right? RIGHT? A true moment in the lives of so many we know. Have some sun 'n' fun with Lermond's Lobster Bisque.
  • A Tragedy Of Owls
    13 Apr. 2023
    I never need to be convinced to read a John Mabey play, but the subject matter hit me. Mabey has written back into history real LGBTQ prisoners during WWII, Amsterdam. Economic writing and dramatic tension from moment one, we relive only one of the hundreds or thousands of Hitler’s LGBTQ victims. Like Anne Frank, we recognize them and their helping hand, as personable losses of this heinous period. Thanks for bringing these lives back, Mr. Mabey.
    8 Apr. 2023
    A dating primer by Desdemona. Sounds crazy, no? But she has something to say. This is fun, outrageous and I'd loved to hear more. An enjoyable monologue with something to say about fathers and daughters and dating.
    8 Apr. 2023
    Using my right frontal lobe, I saw a new Lermond play, DAVENPORT'S DEMISE, and had to read it. Glad I did. DD has a dead body right from the top, dropped off outside a funeral home. Detectives Tully and Monroe are on the job and after some clues and laughs, we are left with an entertaining mystery solved. Lermond does it again!
  • Bulletproof Love
    8 Apr. 2023
    It was time to read this again - and I'm glad I did. I love the characters Sickles has created - their speech, their love - I only wish that next time, I get to see this play produced. Well done, Scott Sickles..
  • Sitting at a Red Light in America
    8 Apr. 2023
    Most parents' nightmares -- that it's come to this. That we are not free and can't feel free to live our lives without fear. One instance where a parent will instill their fears into their children's. This fear is misplaced -- it should be working against guns. You've pushed this right in our faces, Ms. Syran. Thank you.
  • 'A'ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha (Distance is Ignored by Love): A Tropical Triptych (One Act)
    8 Apr. 2023
    A sweet recollection and bittersweet presence make this initial story so soulful - Much of the beauty is with a Hawaiian backdrop used to perfection. In this triptych, we journey with Helen through her hopes, sorrows and joy of connecting, even briefly, to love. Anyone who has ever travelled alone or gone to dinner alone will connect with this story. Beautifully written, Nora Louise Syran.
  • Protocols
    8 Apr. 2023
    This play was picked blindly - I just wanted to read some Vince Gatton. How lucky was I! Gatton has given us a situation most of us know - two siblings - one needy and overlaid it with something out of left field - so you can't help but laugh as it gets clearer and clearer (and you are glad you are not one of the siblings) - Well written and a lot of fun!
  • Poor Paige
    8 Apr. 2023
    POOR PAIGE is a well-written and probably all-too-well-recognized story by Debra Cole. As an Amelia, I can't understand how she didn't haul off and hit Paige. (I wouldn't have, but still..) There are so many Paige's in this world and POOR PAIGE shows us how this has come to be - and the boundaries of friendship. Well done.