Recommended by D. Lee Miller

    9 Feb. 2022
    SLUSH PILE BLUES is not only right on the nose but it punches playwriting (and other creative arts) in the nose at the same time - y'know, one of those big, round red noses. As a past reader for many theatres, I can attest that this story smells of the truth - with its perfectly etched characters, hopes, dreams, and imperfectly perfect ending. If you love theatre, read it! Better, produce it!
    2 Feb. 2022
    I. Love. It. Remember those old 'We Were There' books in the library? 'We Were There at Plymouth Rock'? Well, we were there when Flora said bye bye to Bart. I love it. And 35? Kudos to her. And to Lermond for writing her!
    15 Jan. 2022
    An immediate sense of place, time and character shoots us into the world of DEATH BY DERRINGER. Lermond once again nails this trio and we enjoy the world she has created. Enough to bring us out of our hum-drum lives and into a world of imagination -- leaving us wondering what happens next? Well done.
    15 Jan. 2022
    What fun monologue CHASSEUR THE CAT is! We will see how long Bev rules but the conversion to catlover will endear this monologue to many!
    15 Jan. 2022
    "Lady Luck don't know my address". What a lovely monologue for a young, pessimist takes the steps towards optimism. I know this fella -- FORTUNATE FAILURE by Vivian Lermond is a well-structured monologue with an earnest fellow with a nice way of telling the story. An nice addition to the world of love, possibility and a worthy audition piece!
  • FIRE
    10 Dec. 2021
    What I love about Miss Ella is that I believe she believes this advice and has lived through a lot - but the actor has room here and we can tell what side of the bed she got up on this morning! A lot t of good advice, and where is it coming from? Another intriguing character in Lermond’s endless cast!
  • Legacy - A Script In A Day
    30 Oct. 2021
    LEGACY, by Alice Josephs, is a frustrating story of a man raging not just 'against the machine' but society's structure. The loss of his life (in the eyes of the law) unfortunately also led to the loss of his livelihood and legacy. A sad story and I'd like to know more about this farmer. Good work, Alice.
  • It's Not Blood
    30 Oct. 2021
    IT'S NOT BLOOD by Kim E. Ruyle, is a behind-the-scenes look at two brother's discussing their brother's death in the military, just before the funeral. These are small town boys/men who shared everything together. There are not a lot of options in their lives and they circle around to (spoiler alert) to joining up - though they're afraid to die. Terse real dialogue brings us into the conversation of these fellows. It is real, it is sorrowful and so well written. Well done.
  • True Skies
    30 Oct. 2021
    How does one discuss a crisis that is too hard to bear? John Mabey, in TRUE SKIES, introduces us to such a crisis. Using fantasy, we learn more about this married couple than you can imagine on your own -- And they finally talk in a parallel universe. Death and grief and their shared love is Mabey's fodder. It will make you hang on to every word. An intimate look at a couple in crisis. As always by Mabey, beautifully written.
  • Transcodicil
    30 Oct. 2021
    TRANSCODICIL by Peter Dakutis is a modern inheritance story, filled with love, conflict and an older woman who is having the last laugh. You can tell Dakutis had fun writing this and you'll enjoy it, too, once it's produced!