Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Breaking The Camel's Back
    18 Mar. 2023
    BREAKING THE CAMELS BACK is such a heartwarming play where 3 generations of women come together, even though Grandma has passed.
    Lobby is live broadcasting her search of her Grandma's attic in the hope she might find something of value, and she does, but more sentimental than financial.
    This is a well written short, worthy of its upcoming production. Also Lou hints at a sequel which I can't wait to read. Love it!
  • The Third Person
    18 Mar. 2023
    Now who doesn't want a narrator in their life, especially when they turn out to be a hero? A great concept which results in a great short play! Nice!
  • One Million Dollar Fetus (the game show)
    17 Mar. 2023
    If this didn't have such a sad undertine this play would be hilarious, and it is very funny! Lee exercises his clever dark wit to great effect in this short game show, hosted by God himself.
    There are surely many more scenarios which could be a heavenly game show.
    Unique and very clever!
  • Open Mic Night
    16 Mar. 2023
    I have just listened to the incredible Gather by the Ghost Light podcast of this play. Evan uses a clever play with words to bring a genuinely horrific play to our ears.
    These two Michaels are bought together and initially we share their confusion, until Lily turns up to begin the show, and what follows is gloriously gruesome, will they pay for their previous transgressions? Read this, better still listen to the podcast!
  • Earth Day
    16 Mar. 2023
    This is a powerful piece of performance drama ideal for children to perform. It's slick, energetic and full of.... litter!
    An important message for kids to tell the adults, and for the next generation to stand up and make a difference. A great message in such a short play!
  • They Call Me Tony
    16 Mar. 2023
    I have just read ELEPHANT DANCE by Soucy, here in this monologue about 'Tony' the tiger, the point of view is flipped. Equally these animals should not be held captive, yes there may be efforts to recreate their habitat, but a jail, no matter how comfortable, is still freedom denied.
    You feel this poor animals hatred and frustration in this gritty, excellent monologue.
  • Elephant Dance
    16 Mar. 2023
    From someone who spent the best part of a year in Africa aged 21, I can wholeheartedly relate to this monologue. In Danny's innocence he loves the elephants in the zoo with their funny dance, until witnessing them in the wild where he sees the harsh reality of captivity.
    A great monologue with an important message to relay.
    I haven't been to a zoo since I was 21.....
  • How Much Do You Love Me?
    16 Mar. 2023
    Sometimes you so love someone so much, there's nothing you wouldn't do for them, even die for their cause. Maggie's love for Simon is so deep, so profound, she will follow him without knowing the cause.
    This is a tense two hander, reminiscent of a clip of a Tarantino film.
    They are plotting something sinister, terrifying, but will they go through with it.
    Great writing!
  • Sam Shifts Gears
    16 Mar. 2023
    What a fantastic idea, a series of fun ad breaks between acts in a drama festival! Poor Sam is just trying to make a living, doing their best to keep up with the ever changing automobile industry. This is so fun, but with a sad state of affairs running through. Great stuff!
  • Sitting at a Red Light in America
    15 Mar. 2023
    You can never stop a mother from worrying, but just how far will they go to protect their child? Especially in a frightening world where school shootings are alarmingly common.
    Do we sit back and hide, or fight fire with fire?
    A tough, heartfelt monologue.