Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Intervention
    13 Mar. 2023
    That moment in time where we just wake, caught between dreams and reality, not knowing quite where we are, is captured hilariously in this short play.
    Very clever and it would be so much fun to see staged!
  • The Drums
    12 Mar. 2023
    This play poses an uncomfortable question, just how far are we from an app which looks into your soul? And what devastating effects this could cause?
    This is a slick two hander, the characters and their interactions are perfectly believable.
    Having said this, I'm up for the drum circle app!
  • Roller Stakes
    12 Mar. 2023
    Starlight Express, answer me yes.... as a fan of said show I could not resist this short play, and I'm glad I didn't!
    Erica has spent years in drama school to get the dream role in the show and nothing will stop her, except for a dead battery perhaps.
    This is a great short play which I would love to see performed!
  • Halloween
    12 Mar. 2023
    An important factor of any story or play, is that the reader or audience feels empathy for a character or all characters. Lauren easily achieves this for us, as we watch this couple come to terms with life in suburbia, and the pressure of fitting in.
    There is a sadness here too, which I will not reveal, which makes you want to hug this young couple.
    A beautiful short play.
  • Arm's Length Romance (A Duologue)
    12 Mar. 2023
    This short play is a dance between two casual 'lovers' who throughout keep their distance, at least physically. For as this dance plays out it's clear that 'Her' wants more, but will that just upset the casualness of their relationship?
    This is clever, unique and would make a great performance piece.
  • We're All Girls Here
    12 Mar. 2023
    This is suchba fun ten minute play where the stage directions for the characters actions are very funny on their own right!
    But the is a lot more to this play than four girls clowning about, there's an important message to accept who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.
    This would be great to perform, go forth and produce it!
  • The Phone Booth on Sixth Street
    11 Mar. 2023
    Oh my word, this gave me chills right from the off!
    Julia has created a chilling scenario where 'you' are thrown deep into the horror of this piece!
    This would work perfectly for radio, but also I do believe that with clever production it would be incredible staged.
  • THE FAIRY SHOEMAKER, A Short Radio Play
    11 Mar. 2023
    I love this short play, and I recommend anyone who reads it to read it in an Irish accent, for it will all make sense that way! A young man meets a leprechaun on the way to a date, but a scoundrel is up to no good, will these too be able to come together to thwart this thief? This would make a wonderful radio play, to be sure!
  • The Single Ladies Cozy Murder Book Club
    11 Mar. 2023
    Ha, this is one hell of a Zoom meeting! These ladies are so much fun, dark fun that is, because they somewhat life up to their reading groups name!
    The demise of a poor duck holds the conversation until a rather gruesome twist towards the end.
    Oh, and a line from Sandy made me nearly spit my wine out in laughter!
    This is one very funny zoom play!
  • Just Dessert
    11 Mar. 2023
    This is such a sweet and tender play. JUST DESSERT sees two siblings trying to carry on with life and tradition while their mother lays ill.
    I particularly appreciate how the characters are simply named A and B, giving the option of a whole myriad of casting possibilities.
    A very nice short play.