Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Kill Them With Kindness
    8 Feb. 2024
    I definitely want to see this short, hilarious play staged! Mainly to watch the nurse 'entertain' poor Mr Brown! There's never a good way to break some bad news, but there is surely a fun way, and here it is Kates great short play!

    The final line/stage direction is perfect!
  • War of Words - A ONE MINUTE PLAY
    6 Feb. 2024
    Spot on! Literally I couldn't have done any better, I mean literally, not literally. Ha, love it!
  • Treasure (a one-minute play)
    5 Feb. 2024
    Captured in one small minute, John reminds us in a touching way that once our pets depart, they always leave us something behind, be it physical or spiritual.
    I myself have a small tuft of hair from my Charlie, three years on, encapsulated in a key ring.
    This short is beautiful tribute.
  • The Graveyard Shift Bites
    7 Jan. 2024
    Haha! You can always rely ona Busser to raise a smile! Ok, I'll be honest, I've never wondered what would happen at a McDonald's drive through during a Zombie apocalypse, but here's your answer and it's perfectly spot on!
    "Why is everyone so bitey tonight?" is just one great line amongst many.
    Pure hilarity!
  • Overtime
    1 Jan. 2024
    This is one of those great plays which will have the audience saying Ooooo... at the end. What starts out as a seemingly normal meeting of mum's doing their best to lookout for their kids, turns into something really quite magical. Lovely!
  • Bubba and Krystyl are Unraveling the Fabric of Reality and Playing with It Like a Ball of String (and we’re all kinda glad they are)
    1 Jan. 2024
    I can't claim to fully understand this play, not being so learned in Norse mythology, but I can claim to find these kittens, and their owner to be totally hilarious! I would love to see these cats strut their stuff on stage!
  • Don't Open That
    30 Dec. 2023
    This is dark comedy perfection! Poor Kevin having a group of friends like this, in their greed and distraction.
    This short play is as if it comes from the hand of Tarantino, such is the morbid but hilarious humour.
    I would love to see this play staged!
  • A Birthday Party (a monologue)
    26 Dec. 2023
    This is such a fun monologue! Jen, seemingly innocently waiting for her date to arrive, groceries and balloons ready for his birthday. Sweet yeah? But is there a darker side, is she actually a bit off the rails and stalker-'ish'?
    Whatever, read this, better still perform it!
  • Intricacies, Death and the Oxford Comma
    22 Dec. 2023
    This is not what Shakespeare meant by 'A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse!'
    This short play by Scott is hilarious and troubling for a Brit such as myself, can the monarchy really fall due to a comma? The royal household should read this play to ensure such a tiny mistake does not wreak such havoc and change history!
    And I love that the playwright suggests the wonderful, late, great Helen McCrory as a character in this piece, for I can imagine her perfectly in this role.
    Nonsense, but hilarious nonsense!
  • world is a fuck
    20 Dec. 2023
    Wow, this play hits so very hard, not just in it's language (where I applaud the playwright for pushing the boundaries in a way I haven't seen before) but in the raw nature of the emotions shown here. These two souls are thrust into a situation and place where they do not feel natural to be. It's fast, slick, the monologues so very powerful.
    Simply profound!