Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Only Once An Hour
    2 Feb. 2023
    ONLY ONCE AN HOUR is such a clever short play, which you must find time to read, better still to watch. There is beautiful romantic dialogue between hours and minutes, it's truly wonderful, but for the sheer contempt of the impatient and bolshy seconds, which makes this play truly hilarious. It would also be a challenging play to produce, but one that would be wonderful to act in. Love it!
  • The Devil and De Sade
    2 Feb. 2023
    Oh the Marquis De Sade has a few tales to tell! This is a clever, well constructed monologue, where he explains to the Inspector the differences between the devil and the acts of kink of which he disposes on wanting volunteers. Still a taboo subject now, but back in the seventeen hundreds would have understandably be seen as the work of the devil. A great, adult monologue.
  • Time to Talk
    2 Feb. 2023
    Wow, so much said, so much time spent, in one quick 'chance' meeting on a park bench. Time travel is often exaggerated, fantasized, but this gentle two hander takes it steady, subtly. I would love to know what happens next, what Peter does with this revelation and just how he would change the future of human existence. Wonderful!
  • Noir York City
    2 Feb. 2023
    What can be better than a Noir PI? Three Noir PI's! This short play is so funny, so brilliantly confusing and so very Noir! And when they stick their fingers up at each other, it doesn't mean what you think it does! This would be so much fun to stage and to watch, Great!
  • Possessed by the Ex
    1 Feb. 2023
    POSSESSED BY THE EX is such a darkly funny short play! What would you do if your ex-fiancee possesses your wife? Go out for a burger with them of course!
    This play would be so much fun for the actors, and audience alike. Aside for the dark comedy, the dialogue travels slick and fast and you are soon drawn in wondering just who will be possessed by whom and when! Great!
  • Annnd Scene (of the Crime)
    1 Feb. 2023
    A standard scene, a police interrogation room, good cop/bad cop.... until the bell! This is so much fun and would be a hoot to perform and watch, as with each ring of the bell, the scene shifts in mood and direction. It's even more funny that good cop gets caught up in this too! Great fun!
  • Wheel of Fortune Reversed
    31 Jan. 2023
    It takes a skilled writer to write about such a subject, our own mortality in this case, and treat it with respect, sensitivity but also gentle humour. I love this interaction between Michael and the somewhat aloof Death. Their chess games play out in the strangest strategic way, as Michael is seemingly buying himself more time. The ending is truly moving too. A big question is posed; what exactly does oblivion feel like, and should we care? I very much enjoyed this short play, in fact I want to produce it!
    31 Jan. 2023
    Haha, a great twist on the unexpected! Will all be revealed? I expect so if Mary gets her way. This would be a brief fun play in a series of shorts, if anyone has the (Y)front to perform it!
  • Small Parts, a one minute play for radio
    31 Jan. 2023
    How gar would you go to get the dream job? Far enough to lose your head?
    This nervous actor certainly does not want to take things that far!

    The sound affects list at the start of this short are funny enough and tell their own story. Great, macabre fun!
  • Poor Ernie, a one minute play for radio
    31 Jan. 2023
    A one minute film noir for radio, yes please! It's important to read the opening stage directions, for this sounds so much better in a 'film noir voice' !
    And the final line made me laugh out loud, its great!