Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • meat cute
    5 Mar. 2024
    Wow! This play has blown me away, not just for the difficult subject, it's written so beautifully.
    A 'business' arrangement slowly turns into a tender moment between two lost and lonely women.
    Aly is an exceptional writer, and here she has taken on an awkward, dark subject and given us such a unique, stunning and in a strange way, a very heartwarming play.
    Produce this play and challenge your audience!
  • She said YES: A Trilogy
    4 Mar. 2024
    I love the way this play is written, for here the playwright has given us three separate monologues AND the option to have all three played out together. Either way would be powerful, for Debra has penned a piece which starts light, but grows slowly darker as we find out the truth.
    Very good!
  • I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that)
    4 Mar. 2024
    You just know it's going to lead to trouble when four teenagers meet at night in a graveyard, and yes they stupidly try to summon the dead. In this case the dead in question are a pair of murderers. Will these kids ever learn?
    But as with Rachel, it's never so cliche or clear cut as that....
  • Soft Rains
    1 Mar. 2024
    This play is so clever, for throughout it we are made well aware that some awful disease has beset the world (I was secretly hoping for Zombieism (is that a word?) because Jacquie is a master of Zombie plays.) But we never find out exactly what has happened.
    Instead we are treated to a tender moment of two humans sheltering together, and the love stories which emerge between them.
    Dark and beautiful, a mix I love!
  • Hot Potato
    1 Mar. 2024
    Ha! This play is totally bonkers in the best way possible!
    Starting as your typical 'stupid young couple go into a strange forest with a camera' scenario, soon turns darker as a very odd game of wheel of fortune is presented to them by a well dressed stranger, naturally...
    This fun, dark, play has lots of potential to be extended too.
    Love it!
  • Don't Preach at My Funeral
    27 Feb. 2024
    So much grief and hurt comes tumbling out of mother and daughter in this short play by Marshall. It's real, it's hard to read and it's gritty. Credit to the playwright for they have tapped onto the raw emotions and taut family history in just ten minutes.
    This would make a great piece for two strong actors to delve into.
  • A Deadly Proposal
    26 Feb. 2024
    Ha! I was going to write, "Why isn't there a synopsis?" Thankfully I did not as there is too much fun to be had watching this story unfold. In 8 short pages Katie throws us and her two characters in every direction!

    I would love to see this performed, in the meantime, do give it a read!

    Love it!
  • SOLID GOLD (2 minute monologue)
    26 Feb. 2024
    Ha, this is one OAP crowd I'd happily rock with!
    Every generation has its own music, its favoured decade, but that doesn't mean to say we can't boogey to anything else, good knees or not!
  • I'd Do Anything For Love… But I Won't Do That: A TRIO of 1-Minute Plays
    26 Feb. 2024
    Three short one minute plays which gives us something different with each offering. I won't give anything away but there's a great laugh out load moment in the second of these three.
    And no sign of Meatloaf......
  • Life After
    25 Feb. 2024
    Lindsay is one of my favourite writers, read COOKIE CUTTER CHRISTMAS and you'll see why, for this playwright has such a knack of making a strange, or difficult situation seem perfectly innocent and natural.
    In LIFE AFTER, Lindsay shows us just how innocent and pure the minds of young children can be.

    But I have one big question, why does her father have Mrs Henderson in his basement?????