Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Xiernon from Glixtar
    22 Mar. 2023
    I have just listened to this great play bought to life by the brilliant Gather by the Ghost Light podcast.
    Isn't it just believable that when we finally meet aliens, who are being perfectly polite, we treat them with hostility and abuse! Maripat's couple here do just that and you can't help but feel sorry for this visitor from outer space.
    Great fun!
  • It Has To End In Tears
    21 Mar. 2023
    IT HAS TO END IN TEARS is a lovely short play about a cat's reluctance, or rather refusal, to accept a new dog into the family. In typical cat style this Mog sulks on top of the fridge!
    As the synopsis states, cat is "Most displeased'
    But I love it, it will be a fun play to perform and to watch!
  • Mise En Place
    21 Mar. 2023
    What a unique way to say goodbye to the people you've loved, having them over for dinner to tell them you are moving out of town. But these two fellows only get one course each of Aimee's farewell feast, for she's made up her mind.
    A clever and unique short play.
    21 Mar. 2023
    Clearly we remember the passion and hate bought on by the tragic events of 9/11. Wands soldier, in this heated monologue has his chest pumped high, he's ready to do his bit for his country and compatriots no matter how they feel.
    An excellent monologue for an actor to really dig into.
  • Made by Thumb
    20 Mar. 2023
    I say! What right doth this American writer of scripts for the stage and screen, have in penning such bewildering nonsense of our stately British society? Furthermore, to add a plague of ants to consume us before we've had our coffee is despicable and quite unwelcome, not to mention inconvenient! That said, the final stage direction will have audiences laughing off their funny bones!
    Dreadfully spiffing!
  • A Dame Cuts a Swath
    20 Mar. 2023
    Oh this Dame really cuts a swath! This is a fun, short play noir with detective and Dame in a classic stand off, so who will win?
    Rita has left lots of murdered men in her wake, all round the world and Gabriel has tracked her down in classic noir style, but who will win this battle of wills? Love it!
  • The Happiest Married Couple in Hollywood (the game show)
    20 Mar. 2023
    Wink-Wink must be the most perfect name for a game show host, you can just picture him! This is a fun short play, as three famous couples battle it out to be the Happuest married couple in Hollywood. But we all know about Hollywood couples and sure enough they are not as happy as they seem. This is a tough episode for Wink-Wink to control and the results are darkly funny!
    More game shows please Mr Lawing!
    20 Mar. 2023
    BIRD BRAINS poses an important lesson, who really owns the land, us or the wildlife? And surely we can share. Clearly Chauncey believes his yard is his land, but a clever bird called Horace has other ideas, he's a bright bird, he hatches a plan!
    This is a wonderful short play with lots to say. My favourite part is Horace singing Bowie - Brilliant!
  • Screaming Ed and the Nihilist
    19 Mar. 2023
    I love to read fiction based on art, in this case we witness a dialogue between artist Edvard and good friend John. Although fictional, this brings to life the artist behind such a famous and exceptional painting in a fun, sensitive and believable way.
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss
    19 Mar. 2023
    You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. But is it? Claudia takes a simple kiss, or rather a few kisses, and loads so much love, pain, loss, yearning, that it's hard to keep up with the emotions in this wonderful short play.
    The audience will be left wondering what will happen between these two. Beautiful.