Recommended by Christopher Plumridge

  • Strangers and No Train
    20 Dec. 2021
    This is a touching short two hander where two characters meet from worlds apart, both are portrayed perfectly, Bert the old fashioned gent and Alice the damsel in distress. Rachel has a unique talent for recording snapshots in time and this is an excellent example. I can imagine Bert and Alice chatting all through the night!
  • The Continuity Girl
    20 Dec. 2021
    I love it when an author brings you instantly into the script without effort, as Alice does here. I can clearly see this staged, with lots of old props and lights etc, it would be a joy to watch. Above all Tilly's energy keeps us captivated throughout, I only wish we'd seen more of Mr Hitchcock himself. I also admire the formatting of the script, it's as if it were typed on an old typewriter by Tilly herself! Love it!
  • Chapter Envy
    18 Dec. 2021
    Having been in a previous relationship of obsessive book sharing I can totally relate to this two hander! The play is well constructed and the stage directions spot on, audiences will enjoy watching the interaction between this couple and between the pages. Great!
  • Cinnamon
    18 Dec. 2021
    We've often heard the saying "the customer is always right", when really this means "the customer is a pain in the a***" You can't help feel sorry for the batista here in this fun and energetic play. I can really see this happening in real life, let alone in the stage!
  • That Kiss
    18 Dec. 2021
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this brilliant two hander by Cathro, I could clearly imagine Monica's surprise when Kelly turns up on her doorstep looking the way she does. This is darkly funny, yet equally sad and moving as Kelly slowly realises the truth. I would love to see this staged, two great roles for two actors to take on. I love it!
  • All Roads Lead To Rome?
    18 Dec. 2021
    Sometimes we all get caught up in worrying about what others think and pondering their possible ulterior motives, that we forget to put ourselves first. This touching play by McClain explores this expertly as we watch Kellie and Sarah come to their decision.
  • An Occasion An Emotion A Body Part
    18 Dec. 2021
    What a strange and wonderful fantasy this is! I love the way the reasons are not fully explained as the two ladies agree to start a new life in this foreign world. There would be so many delightful ways you could stage this brilliant play!
  • Ahavah
    17 Dec. 2021
    What a beautiful piece this is by Dana and David, I must admit I shed a tear. It captures perfectly just how we feel at a wake (or other cultural word) of a loved one we held dear. I particularly admire the amount of research that went into this play, thank you!
  • Love Shackles
    17 Dec. 2021
    Love Shackles by Jacquelyn really packs a punch, and also the odd slap. This is a high energy, dangerous relationship told brilliantly. I can see the audience being on the edge of their seats and most likely squirming at times! I love how the author has hinted at two possible endings in her stage directions, wonderful!
  • Believe Me - V3
    16 Dec. 2021
    Having read the first, short version of this play I quickly realised it was screaming out to be so much longer, such was the depth of story. Now the author has granted this wish in such a deep, complex and compelling way. Add in so many twists and turns, double crossing and deception you find a TV drama screenplay in your hands! How DI Jenkins would have wished for one day more!