Recommended by Joe Swenson

  • Tiny Man on Ferry
    12 Apr. 2024
    What a fun play. Samara Siskind has created a light-hearted mockumentary of sorts about getting the viral shot. She uses Becky as a way to create levity and potentially change the way Jim is. There's karma and charisma in this show.

    Selected for Good Vibes Summer on the premise that this show does have some massively good vibes and a great message in a world that is run by the 24/7 social media cycle. Great show, highly recommend.
  • Worth a Try
    11 Apr. 2024
    What a fun show with a fantastic arc to it all. I think the best part is the solution that Meredith comes up with out of love for her friend Jacob and a desire for him to find his happiness. This is a great show for the, "let's try this and hope for the best," crowd.

    We selected this show because our panel of experts from all over the world believed in the show and as executive producer, I believe in it as well. Awesome show Trent.
  • The Savior [a monologue]
    9 Apr. 2024
    This. Is. Incredible. Such a beautiful, awe-inspiring story about Gabriel Salvatore the III's life. Steven G. Martin hits all the notes, hits all the feels, hits every possible way to feel about the situation that Gabriel is born into and then leaves you thinking about this for hours, if not days. Steven makes Gabriel so real and so lonely and forces you as an audience to empathize and agonize over what has happened. Even now about an hour after reading this, I'm still thinking about this show. This might be the best show I've read in 2024!
  • The Ghost Candidate
    9 Apr. 2024
    Roger Powers has built a wonderful show and the best part is that he's done a wonderful job staying true through the end with Mister Rogers character.

    I love the absurdist feel, wrapped into a message that our country really needs right now, if not the world. Powers mocks the political system by taking two of the most powerful political strategists from each side of the aisle, forcing retirement on them, only to have them work together to bring in the long-time deceased Mister Rogers' ghost. Powers powerful words will echo throughout this political season. Won't you be my neighbor?
  • Sweet Summer Wine
    17 Mar. 2024
    What a wonderful short play about good vibes or trying to find them, summer, escaping, and an education on wine, sort of. Brent takes on a beautiful adventure to Northern Michigan, sprinkles in nodes of humor, and quick shifts to keep you guessing. As he does this Brent escalated the absurdity in it all, showing no limits. Awesome show.
  • MOSQUITO LORE [short version]
    7 Mar. 2024
    What a beautiful play and a wonderful re-imaging. I love a play that makes you think and Charles Scott Jones does just that in recognizing the fortitude of Cupid throughout time. The one Greek God that still permeates our modern ever-growing, ever-shrinking world. The true ace here though is seeing the world through Daphne's eyes, a dryad, who's pursuit by Apollo, one of the more complex Gods in all of mythology adds to the complicated equation. This is such a wonderful show and Daphne's monologue is pure brilliance! Bravo!
  • Eden 2
    4 Feb. 2024
    Cathartically written. Morey takes the end of times trope and puts a unique, harsh, and intentionally apathetic spin on God. In Eden 2, you get the familiarity in character stereotypes only to have them offset by the uniqueness of Morey’s version of the heavenly Fa… I mean…. Person. As writers we get to play God through character creation, world building, problem solving, and more. Morey has created a world that is ripe for the making. Awesome show.
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    4 Feb. 2024
    This is so hilarious. The escalation, manifestation of what is probably a very true interaction between two historically significant scientists. I love this show, it’s almost an improv exercise meets historical event. Morey is brilliant. In all the right ways. His wit, the charm of the characters, the escalation. I loved it all.
  • Schism
    30 Jan. 2024
    There are love triangles and then there's the complicated triangle that Jeff Dunne has engineered. The story is beautiful as Jeff takes you on this journey through Mark's life with the women that he has loved. There are so many layers to Schism that reading or watching or listening to just once won't suffice. You desperately want to see these characters find a conclusion, but Jeff in his genius leaves you the audience to decide how it will all go. Wonderful show.
  • Trust the Axe
    25 Jan. 2024
    I hope Pacific Axe Throwing in Redmond gets a chance to read this show. Lee has written a fun and engaging play about how competitive humans can be. There's not a lot at stake, other than reputation of course, but Lee makes what is at stake fun, and real. The show feels real, much like the axe throwing establishment in Redmond. Lee sprinkles in some tension, with a bit of sassiness, and some good adult fun. Great show!