Recommended by Jennifer O'Grady

  • Akuma-shin
    9 Jun. 2018
    A smart, suspenseful, wild ride of a play that imagines a world in which a Godzilla-like creature (or the creature itself) was in fact real. Lots of different characters move through this play (including some real-life figures, like Truman Capote) and past and present action and different but connected storylines are juxtaposed brilliantly and with tremendous skill in this powerfully theatrical play that has much to say about history and the type of future we've created for ourselves. I would love to see it on stage.
  • Ta-Da or Toodle-Oo
    9 Jun. 2018
    I had the immense pleasure of seeing this terrific two-hander in Heartland Theatre's 2018 10-Minute Play Fest. It's an incredibly fun, smart, very funny and touching play with an unusual relationship at its core. No surprise that this play is a prizewinner--Hageman has a brilliant ear for dialogue and is very skilled at making this nonrealistic play totally believable and affecting with her characters and story. It was a huge crowd-pleaser at Heartland and would be a terrific addition to any short-play fest. I would love to see it again!
    8 Jun. 2018
    With a baseball-playing son I was immediately drawn to this monologue, in which a beleaguered Coach Becky is attempting to teach the sport to the very young while dealing with angry texts from their over-protective parents--a situation that's all too real today. Both funny and dynamic, this would be so much fun to see on stage.
    5 Jun. 2018
    A really powerful, theatrical, and gripping new play that has so much to say about power and gender and education--things that are essential for us to be thinking about today. Would love to see this on stage.
  • The Mermaids' Parade
    1 Jun. 2018
    A very beautiful, theatrical, and moving play. Would love to see this produced.
  • FUKT
    18 May. 2018
    What a bold and powerful play--an incredibly moving and astonishingly uplifting story despite the pain of its subject-matter. Goldman-Sherman is so thoroughly in control of her craft that she's able to be theatrically inventive and daring with seeming ease and with very difficult material. A really beautiful new play. I'm in awe of Goldman-Sherman's talent.
  • Backfired
    7 May. 2018
    Wow, so powerful and harrowing and tragic. Very hard to stop thinking about.
    7 May. 2018
    A moving and powerful play about the enslaved Hemings women of Monticello and young Sally Hemings before she had any idea what was in store for her as the future mother of Thomas Jefferson's enslaved children. Lifts a curtain on a dark and important part of our country's history that is frequently overlooked.
  • A Little Thing
    18 Apr. 2018
    Wow! What a powerful and really timely play, I found myself holding my breath until the very end. So good!