Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • On a Higher Vibration
    25 Jan. 2022
    This play is a dynamic exploration of being in a relationship, the expectations of it, the way the past is dealt with, and how to move forward. Wether together or not, it's for you to find out, but the journey to the decision is a powerful and fun examination of queer love in the 21st century
  • ÁNGEL Y CHUPI (The Reinvented Queer Tale of the Puerto Rican Chupacabra)
    5 Sep. 2021
    The philosophies, mythologies and psychological aspects of heaven and hell have never been as deliciously explored as Daniela manages to do in this play. Wicked with a full heart, the play takes its audience into a journey of redemption that will have you understanding your own humanity.
  • The Archive
    20 May. 2021
    A powerful reclamation of comedic love by an Afro-Latinx writer who dares to re-invent the language of the genre. At times hilarious, at other times heartbreaking, this piece by Alisha Espinosa is a thought provoking exploration of what romance looks like when the fireworks ain't playing. Do me a favor, read this play, then make sure to produce it. My absolute favorite work of this incredible playwright.
  • The Language of the Unheard (previously Inutil)
    22 Feb. 2021
    An examination of justice and trauma through the lens of a system that almost prevent healing. Espinosa give us full characters trying to navigate a world that takes and takes but never gives back. How do we recover? How do we progress? How do we create bonds in a place that aim to break them? This play feels more necessary today than ever.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girls Aren't Black
    5 Feb. 2021
    A clever play oozing with imagination and an incredibly satirical bite that goes deep and feeds you straight up originality. Amara Brady's work here is both familiar and completely absurd, creating a work that is unique and forward minded. We are so lucky this play exists.
  • Legends of Texas
    5 Feb. 2021
    Through the examination of one family and their relationship to traditions, Nilsa Reyna gives us a deep look into gun culture, what it is to live in its shadow, and how we navigate a new world while holding up to old roots. Conversations are often uncomfortable, but rewarding and and what we are left with is a look into the future and traditions that is poignant and at times, very funny.
    3 Feb. 2021
    Bayano îs a powerful device work that takes us into a journey through Panamanian history and folklore in which poetic language combines with dance and give us an experience beyond the stage. Holnes work is often brave and incredibly intellectual, and this one is no different.
  • Before You Get Married
    3 Feb. 2021
    The art of slowly building comfort between characters just to throw them into a violent awakening is something Gonzalez has become an expert at. In this play, which could easily be on stage, zoom or even audio, he asks us to deal with themes and questions that may make us squirm but ultimately creates truth we need to hear. Another great play by a great playwright.
  • Sancocho
    3 Feb. 2021
    This is one of the best plays, if not the best play, I read last year. Cato creates a work that uses food preparation to investigate how a lot of our legacy is not in what we do but in the intergenerational issues we leave behind, the guidance we give to those that come after us, and how culture defines a path but not the journey. Exquisite is a word often used incorrectly because it is not used for this play, which pace, structure and characters is the definition of it.
  • The Jersey Devil Is a Papi Chulo
    3 Feb. 2021
    A fun romp that takes inspiration from the best comedy of errors mixes them with stoner flick vibes and shakes them in a pool of absurdist tropes to give us an intense look into how easy we fall into an alternate reality when the media dictates what you see. Fake information leads to bad education which misdirects the allyship most well-intentioned fools think they are exercising. Hilarious from start to finish, this is a great play for colleges and anybody that would like to have a young cast tell an important story.