Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • Where the Fireworks Come From
    9 Jun. 2019
    What an endearing coming of age story! Michael managed to pack a lot of history in just a few pages and by the end it feels like we’ve spend a lifetime with these characters. Must read!
  • The Last Ring
    6 Jun. 2019
    A necessary play that explores the life and struggles a transgender person must face in a very unique and dynamic way. Fun, heartbreaking, and triumphant, Rogers killed it with this one.
    5 Jun. 2019
    An examination of a conflict through the eyes of a family caught in the middle of it. History and ideals clash as a man tries to understand his role in the ever changing world and what love ultimately means. Expertly written, this play would be a harrowing experience on stage.
  • Morir Sonyando
    5 Jun. 2019
    An incredibly uncomfortable study of the effects that domestic abuse has on its victim and the ripple it creates. Erlina Ortiz writing makes this story feel fresh, raw and poignant. Read it!
  • The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows
    2 Jun. 2019
    A dynamic high school play with a bad ass all female cast. Gina keeps putting work out there that explores love and queerness in a society that doesn’t know what to do with either, work that demand your attention. Produce.this. Play!
  • Catching Lemons
    25 May. 2019
    A lovely reminder of the struggle our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters have to deal with to be themselves, and the love they are afraid of losing while finding how to love themselves. All in a bundle of sweetness and quick paced dialogue.
  • Colonialism is Terrible, But Pho is Delicious
    6 May. 2019
    A piece that expertly shows gentrification as the new type of colonization and state its case without heavy handed exposition. Beautiful, subtle, powerful. rarely have I seen a play that speaks of so much, while keeping its setting and dialogue so simple. A true innovative piece.
  • Repossessed
    24 Apr. 2019
    An extremely well written sci fi thriller that asks hard questions about being human, about love and about expectations. The play hooks you with its fantastic premise and then breaks you as it unravels just to reward you with a great ending. Please read and produce!
  • Variable Rates of Kindness
    17 Apr. 2019
    A strong look at what life can be or could be if we actually listen. While this play could have been sugar coated, Douglass give us a sweet story about forgiveness and trauma without relying on cliches that would have lessened its impact.
  • Well That Just Happened
    17 Apr. 2019
    This is just purely hilarious. Dark and uncompromising, I would put this show on every holiday festival if possible.