Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • One Month Along
    21 Sep. 2019
    Gonzalez writing is a lesson on theater every time you read him. His work has a way to both have empathy for its characters but no time to forgive them for their actions. The way this play builds backwards, giving us glimpses of the puzzle that humanity is, till we get the whole picture is nothing short of brilliant. He makes an exploration about friendship and romance feel like a thriller, because ultimately every love story kind of is. Franky just unlock how to present that.
  • Blue
    2 Sep. 2019
    A beautiful examination of our heroes and the grandiose storytelling that accompanies their life after death. Hageman mastery of structure in this ten minute should be studied. She says so much without overwhelming, gives us so much without over sharing. Truly a gorgeous work.
  • Winner
    2 Sep. 2019
    I saw this recently at the Samuel French OOB Festival and I'm so glad I did. It was a play that truly captures the complete absurdity that a new generation of POC artists/workers have to deal with on a regular basis. In a funny yet uncomfortable way, Berryman unravels race relations and shows the cards played to diminish a person of color by a supposed ally. It is triumphant and a great reminder of the fractured society we lived in.
  • Hyenas
    2 Sep. 2019
    A intricate exploration of relationships, about age difference between partners, and what communication means. King manages to create a real life depictions of the anxiety, hope, disillusion and bond created through partnership without ever taking away from the theatrical experience.
  • Bookdrop
    18 Aug. 2019
    Weaver plays are the kind you wish to read when you feel down and need a pick me up. When you need to think but the thought not to be taken seriously. When you need to purge your demons, but they wanna dance. They're always fun, they are always full, and they are always a treat. This cute overload of a piece is no different.
  • Teen Dad
    5 Jul. 2019
    This is fun and outrageous and frustrating and painful and man, what a ride! Dawes put us in a familiar situation(for some of us) then turns it around into a beautiful study about the ripple effects of childhood trauma. Hilarious and incredibly smart, what are you doing not reading this play?
  • Julio Ain't Goin' Down Like That
    20 Jun. 2019
    An explosive celebration of queerness, a reminder of the struggle that mold the present, a window into latin culture, a poignant and poetic play that demands attention. All of these aptly describe J. Julian's work here. I'm in awe of this play.
    20 Jun. 2019
    This simple monologue brings the complex struggle that it is being your own self in a society that awards conformism over individuality without ever hitting you over the head. Wyndham work always feel relatable, never tries too hard, and hits you tight in the stomach, on the best way. His streak continues, this is a monologue that should be perform everywhere.
  • Bonnet Blues
    15 Jun. 2019
    This is a hard play to get through, but one written with utmost respect. there are plays that stay with you for a long time, and what Cabrera has written here will resonate with me for a long time. It is painful yet necessary, and his skills are on top form while he weaves through the many emotions the characters go through.
  • Blurrred: A Modern Fairy Tale
    11 Jun. 2019
    An exploration of what bigotry and PTSD can do a family when left unchecked using familiar fairy tales. A fun romp that dares to ask some serious questions.