Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • Canterbury Sextet
    5 Feb. 2020
    A hilariously original take on an old tale. Rinkel’s collection of short plays is not only connected masterfully, but it flows like one work.
  • Tracy Jones
    30 Dec. 2019
    This play may seem light, but the weight of its themes and Kaplan's writing shows a much heavier and poignant work by the end. Who we are, how we are, what determines that and what do we do with it are all essential questions when figuring ourselves out. Kaplan uses an absurd premise to peel the layers in which these questions affect our mental health and the importance of companionship during the journey.
    23 Dec. 2019
    An intricate look at the politics of romantic relationships and modern classism that bring every character to its knees. More importantly, Hoke puts all of us to task by making us judges of people that resembles ourselves, that ambitions are too big for their talents, and what you are willing to do and be fine with to get it all. A powerful work by one of the greatest voices out there.
  • The Good Deli
    7 Dec. 2019
    A heartfelt comedy that explores family dynamics in a. time where those are fragile. Its comedic moments mask one of the hardest times we feel in life, the idea of losing a love one, which is captured so well by Cirone's voice.
  • That Rhythm in the Blood
    12 Nov. 2019
    A chaotic look at generational trauma, love and expectations. Rincon weaves a tale that feels like a dance, celebrates culture and provides a universal story of finding the love we deserve. And in the process continues to create an impressive and necessary collection of work.
  • Something in the Balete Tree
    7 Nov. 2019
    Seeing a reading of this play was an experience. Ren works local folklore and real life into a mix that feels almost like music. The way the plot unfolds, how the characters develop, how Ren doesn’t shy away from their culture to tell a story that will break your heart yet make you realize the absolute enchanted world we live in. What a dope piece of theater.
  • I Wanna Fuck like Romeo and Juliet
    7 Nov. 2019
    Relentlessly funny, tender, and ridiculous, Rincon manages to tell a love story that both will have you yearning for romance and scratching your head about why we fall for it. His skill to make the absurdist parts of our life into magical moments is one that makes him a unique talent to watch. Wish we had more romantic comedies this epic and beautiful.
  • Ruby Superior and Traci Trixxx Do D.C.
    4 Nov. 2019
    This is a play about receipts! And there’s not many better than Guadalis Del Carmen to hold us accountable about ourselves with her writing. Fast paced and poignant, this play SLAPS! Can’t wait to see how it develops
  • The Venetians
    25 Oct. 2019
    Had the wonderful experience of seeing an early reading of this play. Barbot is like a Latinx Tom Stoppard, but more fun. His work is erudite and inviting, fast paced yet full of context in each scene. He has crafted here one of my favorite Shakespearean adaptation, one I can't wait to see on stage one day.
  • Paletas de Coco or, The Letter Unspoken or, The Christmas Eve Play
    11 Oct. 2019
    Franky has created a work that is not only vulnerable, but excel at being relatable despite its very personal subject. The pain in each word is only easier to take due to the charm of Gonzalez' writing. An exorcism for the playwright, an exciting new work for the audience. Thank you for your boldness Franky.