Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • The Beasts of Warren
    2 Jan. 2019
    A strong and subtle exploration of how the healthcare system has been used to aid the gap between classes and keep down the undesirables. Of how the choice of who lives and dies sometimes is not our own, and how our reality is warped for us to feel comfortable with that. Azure-Osborne is a playwright I urge you all to read and get aquatinted to.
    27 Dec. 2018
    When my play Revolt was running in Chicago, somebody told me about this play that was running at the same time called The Madres. Sadly I had no time and missed it. Decided to read it on my way to Argentina, and wow. This is painful. This is encouraging. This is history. This play is an incredible piece of theater that reminds us of our cruelty but also of Our power.
    20 Dec. 2018
    What a lovely and relevant play! Truly, how is this not all over the stages of this nation? Modernizing the holiday spirit, Donna Hoke has crafted a fun yet meaningful story that is perfect for these times. I laughed and felt cozy. It felt like being under a blanket, with hot chocolate. In other words, what a perfect treat for this season!
  • "Daddy"
    18 Dec. 2018
    The experience of reading this play is one of visceral beauty. Studying our culture obsession with the idea of success and fame, the play delves deep into the recession of our darkest alleys to expose that we've become. People that will do anything, resort to anything, become anything just to touch that idea. I need to see this staged one day.
    12 Dec. 2018
    It felt so terribly good as a devilish smile formed in my face on its way to becoming a maniacal laughter after reading a line that just said "And then--" God I love Rachael Carnes work.
    12 Dec. 2018
    An incredible piece that humanizes a struggle, gives a face to a fight and helps understand more of us are in this together that are divided. A needed work of theater.
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    10 Dec. 2018
    This play is haunting. The visceral and unforgiving world of prison is given a spotlight in this urban poem about a rigged system and its pawns. Franky's caring and loving approach to these forgotten people is one that will ultimately break your heart, and in the process, somehow help you experience what it is to be on the wrong side of the aforementioned system. There are not excuses for their crimes, only understanding. What a masterpiece.
    5 Dec. 2018
    A painful rally. A cry for unity to deaf ears. A realization a lot of kids our day have to make, in this nation that wants to treat them like treasures but destroy the world around them. Wyndham has a way with words that helps him explore the diseases that plague our society with humor and truth. This one is not as funny as the others, but it hit me harder than any of his other work. Constantly amazed by this playwright!
  • The Elves
    1 Dec. 2018
    I love the inherent darkness that resides within the lights of Christmas, and Bublitz has given us a glimpse of it with this play. Without missing a beat we go from cuteness to terror, and it is hilarious.
  • TSWAT (10-minute)
    1 Dec. 2018
    To feel so uncomfortable laughing is such a bliss when it’s work this good. Poignant and fast paced, this play needs to be seen.