Recommended by Nelson Diaz-Marcano

  • Marisa and Ted, a bodega play
    16 Apr. 2019
    The power of this short and simple play lies on the economy of its dialogue. Quick, sweet and with so much weight behind the smiles, Adam has written a perfectly tuned short play that should be studied by every playwright.
  • The Siblings Play
    15 Apr. 2019
    An exploration on family love, what it means, what it gives and more importantly what it takes. A true revelation. Ren's work in this play is astonishing.
  • Mermaids
    8 Apr. 2019
    When reality is too hard to deal with, we always had our fairy tales to help us cope. Jessica Huang takes this idea and creates a subtle romance that will leave you thinking for some time after "End of Play"
  • StoneHeart
    6 Apr. 2019
    Escobar has a way of exposing history with wild imagination. This engaging and bold new work put us right in the middle of a family being destroyed by the changing world without pulling any punches. The result is an audacious study on mental health and the importance of legacy.
  • Effie
    6 Apr. 2019
    A strong and important piece that needs to be seen. TJ has written a heartbreaking but gorgeous exploration about family love and tradition that needs to be experience.
  • Not For Sale
    26 Feb. 2019
    An intimate yet bombastic exploration on gentrification that really captures the essence of what community means for those that had to stick together to survive. Del Carmen has a knack for giving us complex characters we feel we know. Or would like to know. This play is no different.
    19 Feb. 2019
    A hilarious take on office behavior and how to navigate the day to day of administration work under a terrible boss. Carnes' dialogue flows quickly, angering you, making you laugh while you are also going through so many emotions. If you ever work in an office, prepare to have fun with this play but also prepare to feel so frustrated.
  • Welcome to Matteson!
    16 Feb. 2019
    The beauty of this script lies on the unapologetic exploration of classism in minority communities and the loss we all sustained on the journey to one up each other. It is an issue that has plague us, POC communities for ages, the idea that as humans we can only gain respect if we adhere to society rules. How you want to show "you are not like the others." Inda gives us a play that works on this question by peeling layers and layers of systematic racism.
  • A Monogamy of Swans
    3 Feb. 2019
    Subtle in its execution but grand in its emotional rewards, Minigan write a love story that explore the little details and give us a conclusion that speaks volume. Read, read, read!
    12 Jan. 2019
    As a person that had to deal with opioid issues with close family members, and grew up having to deal with the repercussions of their disease, this play hits hard. Intense, well written, painful to experience, Carnes has crafted a short piece that has so much truth to it, no matter how much we want to look away.