Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • Two-Timing Loaf of Bread
    18 Nov. 2022
    Bultrowicz has written an absolutely absurd and hysterical crowd pleaser and a gift for two strong comedic actresses. The production I saw was the Act 2 finale of a college showcase and the perfect way to end an evening of short-plays. Fantastic!
  • That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven or, The Dawn Behind the Black Hole
    21 Feb. 2022
    I was so lucky to catch a reading of this play at Latinx Playwrights Circle. Franky Gonzalez has delivered another knockout of play. A thrilling, gut-wrenching piece about the amount of punishment we are willing to take to achieve our dreams. Gonzalez does a remarkable job of showing us the vulnerable side of these warriors and each fighter would be a dream role for an actor to play. (Juan’s monologue…can you say “Tony award, please!”) This play would be absolutely spectacular to see staged. It needs to happen!
  • The Ark of Negotiation
    13 Feb. 2022
    Another fantastic play from “The Book of John.” After covering Adam & Eve and Abraham & Isaac, John Bavoso puts his clever satirical spin on another Biblical story: Noah and his wife. 
Through the lens of a classic sitcom, Bavoso expertly tackles the challenge of trying to make the best of unprecedented times and the struggles of being the last surviving couple. The Ark of Negotiation would be a highlight of any short play festival. Read it. Produce it!
  • It's A Wonderful Satan
    24 Dec. 2021
    Everyone wants to feel that their work matters…even Satan. A darkly clever humorous take on a classic tale where George Bailey is replaced by the Prince of Darkness and Clarence is a demon trying to earn his horns. A fun show for any Christmas fest, especially ones that aren’t worried about getting a lump of coal in their stocking. Well done!
  • Becky's Xmas Wish
    4 Dec. 2021
    I love this play. Dark, twisted, diabolical, and absolutely hysterical. Was able to see Broward College's production and laughed out loud constantly. Just brilliant writing. If you are looking for a Christmas play that will 100% earn you a lump of coal in your stocking, you need to produce this Becky's Xmas Wish.
  • JAM
    16 Oct. 2021
    There are plays where the writing is so solid that’ll just work anywhere, whether performed live in black box or recorded in a stop motion film using Barbie Dolls. JAM is one of those plays. Absurdly funny, genuinely relatable, (and sadly relevant), Gatton has written an absolute gem of a short play that would be a highlight of any festival.
  • I Spy
    16 Oct. 2021
    To survive the apocalypse, all you need is Coca-Cola, some Captain Morgan, a bag of Funyuns, and your best friend. In I SPY, Randy Hunt has written a fun play about two childhood friends bracing for the worst, both in the distant future and the immediacy. We always talk about one's “Foxhole Friends.” Maybe “Bomb Shelter Buddies” could be a thing?
  • The Known Universe (Part Three of The Second World Trilogy)
    24 Sep. 2021
    I was so incredibly fortunate to be able to catch a virtual reading of The Known Universe by Roly Poly Productions in the Mixed Asian Media Fest. I don't know want to give spoilers for this final chapter of The Second World Trilogy, so just read it. This piece will stick with you and have you thinking long after you get to "End of Play." Scott Sickles has taken us on Teddy and Anzor's journey from pen-pals to parents and the only way I can describe the conclusion is a satisfying gut punch. Go. Read it. Watch it. Experience it.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Living Document
    15 Jun. 2021
    I was so lucky to see a reading of this play by the talented team at Play-PerView and A Red Orchid Theatre of Chicago. Do not go into this show expecting a straight forward history lesson. Nora will take you on this journey through RBG’s life with jokes, stories, and even a dance or two. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Living Document” is a compelling look at the human and not merely the icon and symbol she became. Well done!
  • How To Brew Tea: A One-Minute Play
    1 Jun. 2021
    A funny and incredibly relatable moment between a parent and an adult child. A perfect one minute slice-of-life.