Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • Six Men Dressed Like Joseph Stalin
    5 Feb. 2024
    Dianne Nora has written an absolute gem, a dream for actors and theatres of any size and shape. I was so so lucky to catch a reading of this play by Ground Up Productions in NYC. Nora packs a ton of heart and humor - with a dose of history- into a fast paced 90 minutes, taking audiences on the journey of these two actors preparing for the (potentially last) role of their lives. This play is a perfect fit for any theatre’s season & stage - proscenium, black box, in the round, let’s go! Produce this play!
  • Heart Stop or, The Obesity Play
    23 Dec. 2023
    I was so lucky to see Franky Gonzalez perform his latest solo piece at The Workshop Theater. Franky has written another gut-wrenching and beautiful autobiographical piece that is so incredibly vulnerable, honest, and human flesh. In this piece, Franky shares openly his struggles with food and self-worth. The disparity between the wonderful Franky the audience sees and the Franky he sees in the mirror couldn't be more extreme and makes you root for him even harder. The ending had the entire audience in tears. Thank you, Franky, for sharing your space with us.
  • BETWEEN CLASSES: A One-Minute Play
    23 Aug. 2023
    A fun one-minute short. I read it several times and each time I imagined different choices the actors could make. Would be great for a college theatre or scene study class.
  • Glamour
    30 Jul. 2023
    Caffrey has written a truly beautiful sci-fi piece about love and grief. I was so lucky to see a production of Glamour at the Atlantic Acting School’s One Act Festival. The two roles are perfect for any actors looking to do a play for a showcase or short play fest. Seriously. Produce this play.
  • Fridge
    30 Apr. 2023
    O'Grady has written a delightful play about the human/appliance relationship that will have audiences saying "scream." Is it better to settle for something old and broken, or to try to find something new hoping it'll be a perfect fit? As a new homeowner, the two repairmen hit very close to home. Scream. Well done!
  • Monsters Beyond the Midnight Zone
    30 Apr. 2023
    This could be Partain's darkest play yet...literally. I was lucky to see a production of Monsters Beyond the Midnight Zone at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Set in complete darkness, this play is a dream for sound designers and directors who want to push the boundaries of immersive theater.
  • Bottle Episode
    30 Apr. 2023
    A terrific short play for a university theatre festival. In addition to flexible casting, every role is smartly written so that it provides room for an actor to bring their own unique spin and make it their own. I was able to see the FDU University Players production and the wind blew (pun intended) the audience away with his comedic timing.
  • Two-Timing Loaf of Bread
    18 Nov. 2022
    Bultrowicz has written an absolutely absurd and hysterical crowd pleaser and a gift for two strong comedic actresses. The production I saw was the Act 2 finale of a college showcase and the perfect way to end an evening of short-plays. Fantastic!
  • That Must Be the Entrance to Heaven or, The Dawn Behind the Black Hole
    21 Feb. 2022
    I was so lucky to catch a reading of this play at Latinx Playwrights Circle. Franky Gonzalez has delivered another knockout of play. A thrilling, gut-wrenching piece about the amount of punishment we are willing to take to achieve our dreams. Gonzalez does a remarkable job of showing us the vulnerable side of these warriors and each fighter would be a dream role for an actor to play. (Juan’s monologue…can you say “Tony award, please!”) This play would be absolutely spectacular to see staged. It needs to happen!
  • The Ark of Negotiation
    13 Feb. 2022
    Another fantastic play from “The Book of John.” After covering Adam & Eve and Abraham & Isaac, John Bavoso puts his clever satirical spin on another Biblical story: Noah and his wife. 
Through the lens of a classic sitcom, Bavoso expertly tackles the challenge of trying to make the best of unprecedented times and the struggles of being the last surviving couple. The Ark of Negotiation would be a highlight of any short play festival. Read it. Produce it!