Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • Password: 2020 Escape Room (a 1-minute play)
    5 Mar. 2021
    In just one minute, Martin crams all of 2020 into our heads at the rate of Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix. The play is a terrifying metaphor for people who believe things will magically improve because of a calendar page turn. It takes effort, a will to keep fighting, and maybe a little bit of luck. (P.S. Did they try "Dolly?")
  • Behind the Shed
    10 Feb. 2021
    In Behind the Shed, Giselle Muise lets us spend a few minutes with two childhood friends during their return home from college for the holidays. It’s a beautiful slice-of-life play. These characters are real and relatable and would be an absolute delight for actors to portray. I want to know what happens next!
  • In the dark times, will there also be singing?
    31 Jan. 2021
    I was so lucky to catch a reading of this play by the talented team at Un-American Blackbox. Set in an alternate America, Dianne Nora has written a play with a fascinating crew of compelling characters and a story that’ll keep you guessing. Dark, weird, thought-provoking and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to see where this play goes!
  • Eating Crayons
    30 Jan. 2021
    Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The crayon eaters.

    In ‘Eating Crayons,’ three characters “wax” philosophical about the times they munched on crayons as children. Add in a Chorus to add some ‘color’ commentary, and you get a nostalgic, funny, and imaginative ten-minute play! Well done!
  • Spilled Tea
    30 Jan. 2021
    I was fortunate to hear a reading of Harper Lee’s “Spilled Tea” by Theatre Unmasked. Lee has written an beautifully honest portrayal of family and the individual struggle between ‘putting family first’ and ‘living your own life.’
  • Free Will
    30 Jan. 2021
    I was a able to see a production of this play by the students at LaSalle High School. A clever show pitting God vs Death in an argument about Will and Free Will. Full of witty dialogue and some laugh out loud lines, this play is a welcome addition to any short play fest.
  • Of the World
    30 Jan. 2021
    Was fortunate to see a production of “Of the World” by LaSalle High School. A beautiful and honest play, it was powerful to see these students bring this story to life on the stage.
  • Pangea (Part Two of The Second World Trilogy)
    15 Jan. 2021
    I was lucky to catch a reading of this play by Roly Poly Productions. After Marianas Trench, Sickles has done it again with Part Two of The Second World Trilogy. A beautiful play. Andy & Lincoln’s relationship coming together as the world (literally) falls apart will tug at your heart strings and have you eager for Part Three. Fantastic play. Bravo, Scott Sickles!
  • I Don't Want To End Up As A Douchebag Character In One Of Your Plays: A Play
    1 Jan. 2021
    Like the shortest episode of Fleabag ever. Love it.
  • Tooth Or Dare
    29 Dec. 2020
    Negative reviews can tank a brand, even if that brand is a household name. Emily McClain has written is an incredibly silly and fun play about one of the most famous magical beings: the Tooth Fairy. With the pandemic keeping us in social bubbles, this could be a great play for a family of actors. Read it. Produce it. But whatever you do, DO NOT leave this Tooth Fairy play a bad review.