Recommended by Steven Hayet

  • The Known Universe (Part Three of The Second World Trilogy)
    24 Sep. 2021
    I was so incredibly fortunate to be able to catch a virtual reading of The Known Universe by Roly Poly Productions in the Mixed Asian Media Fest. I don't know want to give spoilers for this final chapter of The Second World Trilogy, so just read it. This piece will stick with you and have you thinking long after you get to "End of Play." Scott Sickles has taken us on Teddy and Anzor's journey from pen-pals to parents and the only way I can describe the conclusion is a satisfying gut punch. Go. Read it. Watch it. Experience it.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Living Document
    15 Jun. 2021
    I was so lucky to see a reading of this play by the talented team at Play-PerView and A Red Orchid Theatre of Chicago. Do not go into this show expecting a straight forward history lesson. Nora will take you on this journey through RBG’s life with jokes, stories, and even a dance or two. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Living Document” is a compelling look at the human and not merely the icon and symbol she became. Well done!
  • How To Brew Tea: A One-Minute Play
    1 Jun. 2021
    A funny and incredibly relatable moment between a parent and an adult child. A perfect one minute slice-of-life.
  • Weird Rabbit's Foot
    3 May. 2021
    A terrific darkly funny one-minute slice of life. Always love a good hypothetical situation. Now I want to see the picture...
  • Dear Neighbor
    26 Apr. 2021
    Was fortunate able to hear Soundscape Theater's production of "Dear Neighbor." Costa has created a very fun piece that will speak to anyone who's lived in an apartment. From furniture moving to laundry room etiquette, Costa covers it all. Well done!
  • An Awkward Conversation in the Shadow of Mount Moriah
    19 Apr. 2021
    In a time when we so often we see people using religion to justify horrible things, John Bavoso provides an clever spin on the Abraham & Isaac story. Packed with wit and a whole ton of heart, "Awkward Conversation" is a delightful conversation starter about faith, parenthood, and love, and would be a welcome addition to any short play festival. Well done!
  • Password: 2020 Escape Room [a 1-minute play]
    5 Mar. 2021
    In just one minute, Martin crams all of 2020 into our heads at the rate of Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix. The play is a terrifying metaphor for people who believe things will magically improve because of a calendar page turn. It takes effort, a will to keep fighting, and maybe a little bit of luck. (P.S. Did they try "Dolly?")
  • Behind the Shed
    10 Feb. 2021
    In Behind the Shed, Giselle Muise lets us spend a few minutes with two childhood friends during their return home from college for the holidays. It’s a beautiful slice-of-life play. These characters are real and relatable and would be an absolute delight for actors to portray. I want to know what happens next!
  • In the dark times, will there also be singing?
    31 Jan. 2021
    I was so lucky to catch a reading of this play by the talented team at Un-American Blackbox. Set in an alternate America, Dianne Nora has written a play with a fascinating crew of compelling characters and a story that’ll keep you guessing. Dark, weird, thought-provoking and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to see where this play goes!
  • Eating Crayons
    30 Jan. 2021
    Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The crayon eaters.

    In ‘Eating Crayons,’ three characters “wax” philosophical about the times they munched on crayons as children. Add in a Chorus to add some ‘color’ commentary, and you get a nostalgic, funny, and imaginative ten-minute play! Well done!