Recommended by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

  • Miracle on Nevada State Route 375 [a 1-minute play]
    20 Jan. 2022
    A short brief snapshot of a couple--and a place-- that provides ample freedom and phenomenological possibilities. While such a moment could be beautiful if captured on film, its creation onstage results in and demands *an experience.*
  • Wad
    16 Jan. 2022
    I devoured this play. The writing is taut and dangerous, fast-paced and loud but somehow meandering and fragile and all too quiet, all at once. Such a wellspring of emotion within. I'm having trouble even putting into words the ways this play has inspired me and made me question myself, the world, and those I think I know best. I'd love to see this produced.
  • Reckoning
    11 Jan. 2022
    An intimate, delicate glimpse at two people's grief. Taubes handles a weighty topic with nimble hands and leaves the audience craving more.
  • Dog Park
    16 Nov. 2021
    What a great short play for dog lovers and anyone who has faced social awkwardness and made it through. Heartwarming and sweet, this play has a great premise and takes on the pandemic in a way many of the other plays I've read haven't-- addressing the social, emotional, and financial impacts in a surprisingly human way (despite the canines). I hope to see it produced soon!
  • Seneca and the Soul of Nero (Full-length play)
    16 Nov. 2021
    I was able to stream Southbank Theatre Company's production of this play recently, and what a history lesson! Recent politics are hauntingly reminiscent of the Ancient Rome depicted here, and the cast of characters encompass a spectrum of youthful, full of promise and hopeful individuals to devastated, deteriorating, and downright grotesque. I found myself particularly fascinated by the female characters on the margins of this history, and their scenes from the work have stayed with me longest.
  • Once More
    27 Sep. 2021
    Snappy dialogue between two seeming strangers. Fast and fun, a dynamic short piece.
  • Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone [a 1-minute play]
    10 Sep. 2021
    A short play about the isolation of sadness and depression, and how one person has the potential to rescue another through even the simplest of gestures and actions. A moving and haunting moment captured beautifully for the stage.
  • 6 Feet Apart
    10 Sep. 2021
    A short play highlighting the humorous aspects of a dark time. Funny and all too real.
  • 19 Words (a monologue)
    10 Sep. 2021
    These 19 words and the silences that surround them say so much. A seemingly simple monologue with the potential for a ton of complexity, depending on the actor.
  • La Mujer Barbuda
    12 Jul. 2021
    This play completely blew me away. It is so beautifully unexpected: absurd, raw, hilarious, somber. As a mother who has suffered PPD, fears of inadequacy and fears of having to choose between a career and a child, this play felt like being seen. It is sobering and vindicating all at once. I would love to see it in production.