Recommended by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

  • The Orphan Sea
    16 Jun. 2021
    "How many lessons do we carry in our bodies?"

    Svich's THE ORPHAN SEA is absolutely stunning. A poetic, theatrical journey through a landscape that is both sparse and lush with revelations, this play inhabits physical, emotional, and spiritual spaces fluidly, with ease and grace. I would love to see a production, and have no doubt directors and designers would fight for the chance to explore such a magnificent work.
  • Laundry Limbo
    16 Jun. 2021
    A fun, clever encounter that actors and audiences alike would love!
    16 Jun. 2021
    A delightful, poetic surprise -- with a heartbreaking message.
  • Bump In The Night (5-min version)
    16 Jun. 2021
    For a 5 minute play, this piece is full of unexpected, hilarious twists, right down to the final moments. Charming!
    15 Jun. 2021
    A hilarious, theatrical ride! A play that jumps off the page -- PRODUCE THIS again and again!
  • Running Play (a cardiopoem)
    15 Jun. 2021
    A rhythmic reflection that all athletes, especially runners, will enjoy. Would be very interesting to see staged, with plenty of physicality in the text and a sparseness in the script that would allow for interesting choices for actors, directors, and designers.
  • Quentin Tarantino's G-Rated Crime Movie (a 1 minute companion piece to Quentin Tarantino’s PG-13 Crime Movie)
    15 Jun. 2021
    Hilariously absurd. 5/5 stars.
  • One Minute More
    15 Jun. 2021
    A beautifully captured glimpse of a couple on the precipice wondering just what their next step will bring.
  • Anaconda in the Mangrove Trees
    15 Jun. 2021
    What if Amazon delivered the *actual* Amazon to your door?

    A fun play with a surprise ending sure to entertain audiences.
  • Goat-Sucker: A One-Minute Play
    15 Jun. 2021
    A great and creative use of the 1 minute form to touch upon the serious topic of racist, sexual harrassment with humor and energy.