Recommended by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

  • La Mujer Barbuda
    12 Jul. 2021
    This play completely blew me away. It is so beautifully unexpected: absurd, raw, hilarious, somber. As a mother who has suffered PPD, fears of inadequacy and fears of having to choose between a career and a child, this play felt like being seen. It is sobering and vindicating all at once. I would love to see it in production.
  • A Little Fresh Air (a monologue)
    8 Jul. 2021
    A lovely, funny, and yet nuanced moment in time with a new father that showcases the spectrum of emotions such a position entails.
  • Elizabeth
    8 Jul. 2021
    This short science fiction play addresses the age old question that even the most rational of parents asks at one point during pregnancy: "what if our baby is a mutant?"

    A fun read with a satisfying conclusion in which Facebook, of all things, is heroic.
  • Like a Baby
    8 Jul. 2021
    Hilariously realistic. Anyone who has ever been a new parent will relate to this short, heartwarming comedy about those first sleep-deprived months (years?!) of parenthood.
  • Better Angels
    8 Jul. 2021
    Without giving too much away, this short play tackles the stressors of parenting in the most extreme and absurd of situations. The reveal makes for a shockingly, darkly comedic moment that audiences won't soon forget.
  • Sperm Donor Wanted (or, The Unnamed Baby Play)
    8 Jul. 2021
    A beautiful, funny, and touching reflection on what it means to be a parent and a family today. Full of hope and humor, raw beauty, and a bit of pain, this play captures the roller coaster of expectations and emotions associated with bringing new life into the world.
  • Red Tiger and The Blue Porcupine
    26 Jun. 2021
    A cute spoof on the bank heist. Charming and clever.
  • Interview with a Dinosaur
    26 Jun. 2021
    A charming play that has you rooting for Danny and his family. Would be enjoyable to see for adults, kids, and families of all shapes and sizes (and species).
  • Ground Control to Baby Tom
    26 Jun. 2021
    A fun look at science's many possible roles in the pregnancy process, the ways we navigate the unknown, and how instinct usually wins out in the end.
  • 16 Winters or The Bear's Tale
    25 Jun. 2021
    I absolutely devoured this play. Wickedly smart, funny...this play is everything I want in Shakespeare and more. A joyous script. Adaptation done right. I hope to see this in production.