Recommended by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

    25 Jun. 2021
    A hilariously witty satire about the pains of parenthood. Would love to see a staged version!
  • In the Ninth Month
    22 Jun. 2021
    Hilarious, satirical look at pregnancy and the ways the "well-meaning" world frequently accosts, patronizes, and attempts to silence pregnant women. While funny on the page, this play would be a downright hoot to watch!
  • The Birth
    22 Jun. 2021
    A fun play about all kinds of beginnings with fresh humor and plenty of heart.
  • Running in Circles Screaming
    22 Jun. 2021
    An absolutely beautiful, subtle play about the unspoken struggles of navigating the world of parenting (or desperately wishing you could). The perfect piece to inject some perspective into those lucky enough to call themselves parents without preachiness or pretention.
  • Petrified Forest
    16 Jun. 2021
    I loved this piece! Perfect for summer shorts festivals that want to add a spooky, campfire piece to their line-up.
  • Two Tomatoes Attend an Evening at the Theatre
    16 Jun. 2021
    As an actor, what fun to be able to portray a tomato theatre critic! And thanks to Weaver and this play, it's possible.
  • [Performer's Name] Reads the Phone Book
    16 Jun. 2021
    A charming monologue that delivers upon another unique and promising premise by Matthew Weaver.
  • Counter Programming (MONOLOGUE)
    16 Jun. 2021
    A fresh and original comedic monologue illuminating the woes of theatre's often-overlooked marketing director and the trials faced in promoting the same holiday show each year for a decade -- only instead of A Christmas Carol, it's Equus.
    16 Jun. 2021
    THE SALT-FILLED PATH is Shakespeare and the Greeks meets Aesop's fabulous fables. Fun for kids and adults alike!
  • Bird Brains
    16 Jun. 2021
    Utterly delightful. As an actor, I would LOVE to be in this play -- and every role is one I'd be thrilled to play! Produce this!