Recommended by Arianna Rose

  • Cupid
    17 Aug. 2022
    Cupid drew back his bow and - well, you'll have to read the play to find out. One of the most original takes on an iconic character that I've ever read. Playwright Jacqueline Floyd-Priskorn packs a punch - and a kick - into a short play, with vivid characters and premise, and an ending that will satisfy those that know their soulmate is out there. Read and produce - there are so many wonderful layers to this piece!
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons
    17 Aug. 2022
    Playwright Steven G. Martin had me at the title...the play itself is the icing on the cake - no - between the cookie! I've never related to a play more. Playwright Martin looks with unflinching honesty and compassion at food addiction, with a healthy dose of humor on the side. I found myself wishing I could be the actor so I could eat 38 cookies at every performance! Kudos on a well-crafted play that never crumbles.
  • The Pain In the Poetry (aka YOURS AND MINE)
    17 Aug. 2022
    What a beautiful piece about almost missed connections, the valleys of a long-term relationship, and the creative process. A bit O'Henry, a bit Neil Simon, and all the wonderful Glenn Alterman. Every writer will relate to this story...but excuse me, I hear the tap-tap-tapping of the water...
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
    16 Aug. 2022
    Smart, funny, and very pointed satire on the invasion of smartphones and what that has done to our society. Many laugh-out-loud lines. Playwright Morey Norkin has skillfully created a comedy gem that everyone can relate to. 20-20 hindsight is a wonderful dramatic device, and Norkin uses it to full effect in Can You Hear Me Now? Read it and produce it!
  • A Siri-Ous Situation
    7 Aug. 2022
    A hysterically funny play with darker undertones about how addicted we are to our smart phones. Playwright J. Lois Diamond has crafted a laugh-out-loud short piece with the perfect ending. A screwball comedy between man and A.I. Would love to see this performed!
  • The Courtesy Call of C'Thulhu
    7 Aug. 2022
    The Courtesy Call of C'Thulhu will make you think twice about blocking that extended warranty call. Pure fun from start to finish, playwright John Busser has crafted a dark comedy that will keep you guessing to the very last line. Actors and director will have a blast with this cold caller! Just don't offer him the fish tacos.
  • The Write Choice
    4 Aug. 2022
    A seering look at white privilege in the theatre community, sibling relationships and grief over a family tragedy. Playwright Daysha Veronica deftly creates nuances worlds in a play that keeps shifting the time-space continuum, keep us on our toes and catching our breath at the seamless transitions. A play for our times, and all time.
  • Consider the Ficus
    3 Aug. 2022
    What a heartbreaking, honest, beautifully crafted look at relationships, ficus trees, and Scotus decisions. Playwright Audrey Cefaly gives a masterclass in 10 short pages. Nate and Garrison are written unflinchingly, warts and all, and our heart goes out to both of them. Consider the Ficus has plenty of humor to spare, with the ticking clock of the Scotus decision and the paths ahead for both. A treat for actors, director, and any audience lucky enough to see it.
  • Legacy
    31 Jul. 2022
    A beautiful play about mothers, offspring, and the ways our family can surprise us. The characters instantly engage us and have us rooting for them, as a big decision is revealed. Playwright Daysha Veronica writes with great compassion and authenticity. I can't wait to see this performed.
    31 Jul. 2022
    Let's replace David Mamet productions with Lucy Wang productions, shall we? And let's start with JUNK BONDS, a whirlwind of a ride through a traders office. Playwright Wang deftly creates a toxic office atmosphere with many twists and turns in the plot, rapid fire dialogue and a sense that no one is really as they seem. A taut, tense thriller with an insider look at how Wall Street works.