Recommended by Arianna Rose

  • The Write Choice
    4 Aug. 2022
    A seering look at white privilege in the theatre community, sibling relationships and grief over a family tragedy. Playwright Daysha Veronica deftly creates nuances worlds in a play that keeps shifting the time-space continuum, keep us on our toes and catching our breath at the seamless transitions. A play for our times, and all time.
  • Consider the Ficus
    3 Aug. 2022
    What a heartbreaking, honest, beautifully crafted look at relationships, ficus trees, and Scotus decisions. Playwright Audrey Cefaly gives a masterclass in 10 short pages. Nate and Garrison are written unflinchingly, warts and all, and our heart goes out to both of them. Consider the Ficus has plenty of humor to spare, with the ticking clock of the Scotus decision and the paths ahead for both. A treat for actors, director, and any audience lucky enough to see it.
  • Legacy
    31 Jul. 2022
    A beautiful play about mothers, offspring, and the ways our family can surprise us. The characters instantly engage us and have us rooting for them, as a big decision is revealed. Playwright Daysha Veronica writes with great compassion and authenticity. I can't wait to see this performed.
    31 Jul. 2022
    Let's replace David Mamet productions with Lucy Wang productions, shall we? And let's start with JUNK BONDS, a whirlwind of a ride through a traders office. Playwright Wang deftly creates a toxic office atmosphere with many twists and turns in the plot, rapid fire dialogue and a sense that no one is really as they seem. A taut, tense thriller with an insider look at how Wall Street works.
  • Black, White, & Red All Over
    31 Jul. 2022
    A charming, funny, and thought-provoking piece about how we view zoo animals and how they view themselves and their captivity. Ling-Ling had me at "T-Doodle". I would love to see this play performed - a tour de force of physical and verbal comedy for actors. Playwright Daniel Prillaman has crafted a wonderful short play that packs a punch!
  • "It's All About Me"
    31 Jul. 2022
    I so related to this beautiful piece about not losing your individual self when in a relationship. I know what it's like to reach far back to find the person you were before this other person came into your life and reclaim her for yourself. Playwright Andrew Martineau has crafted a touching, funny, and thoughtful monologue about the choices we make. "You're always sorry/ You're always grateful". Well, I'm always grateful I get to read another of Andrew Martineau's plays. A gorgeous monologue that actors will love.
  • The Rotary Phone
    31 Jul. 2022
    The only thing wrong with The Rotary Phone is that it ends! I wanted to know what happens next when Ruthie crosses the time line into the future. A funny, thought-provoking play about humans and technology. As someone who grew up dialing those things, all it's missing is Prince Albert in the can. :-) Playwright Andrew Martineau has crafted a delightful play that employs theatrical magic - a sure audience pleaser. Would love to see it performed!
  • Wrong Turn - A Monologue
    31 Jul. 2022
    A powerful piece about familial obligations, loss, and living the life you think you are supposed to, rather than the one you want. Playwright Robert Weibezahl crafts an appealing and anguished character in Andi, with flaws and virtues we can all relate to. It builds to a shocking story at the end, and as Andi makes connections, we do too. All too timely unfortunately. Robert Weibezahl makes masterful strokes in Wrong Turn, and I look forward to seeing it produced live.
  • W OR M?
    30 Jul. 2022
    W is for...another winning piece by playwright Lucy Wang. Wang expertly sets up a tennis game as a metaphor for the serves we send each other throughout life. Hopefully Glenn and Al won't have any fouls in their future as they navigate the transition of their friendship from a gender perspective. Playwright Wang gives us so much to see in a few short pages. Sweet, funny and insightful, W or M? will have you rooting for both players long after the match has been called.
    30 Jul. 2022
    I was blown away by this play. Lucy Wang's expert craft in bringing this Chinese-American family to life brought me to laughter and tears many times, with a few gasps thrown in in for good measure. You can see why it has won so many awards and development opportunities. Playwright Wang writes from a place of deep knowingness and honesty and the authenticity jumps off the page and into our soup bowls. I felt for all these characters, but particularly Julie and Mark. BIRD'S NEST SOUP is a delicacy to be savored repeatedly.