Recommended by Arianna Rose

  • I Want to be a Gerber Baby (A Monologue)
    28 Jun. 2022
    Lee Lawing always has such an original take on things, and this monologue is no exception. I love plays and monologues where it seems to be about one thing but it's really about another. Laughs followed by tears. I Want to Be A Gerber Baby truly moved me, and it's a tour de force monologue for an actor. It's definitely made me curious about the taste of the strawberry/banana flavor! Would love to see this performed.
  • Producing a Play
    28 Jun. 2022
    and that's how new plays get written! I thoroughly enjoyed PRODUCING A PLAY. Clever dialogue, lots of in-joke for theatrical types but also helpful information for newbies. I particularly enjoyed the rather pointed exchange about women playwrights, and musical theatre. Read, enjoy, produce!
  • I wrote this play to submit to The Seventh Annual Conservative Theatre Festival
    28 Jun. 2022
    Riley Elton McCarthy (with or without the eyebrows) knocks it out of the park with this political satire. Having read that call for plays from that particular theatre, I am so glad this talented playwright has called them on it and hope that they sent it in! I won't say much more to give anything away, but it packs a punch, gets the message across, and it strongly theatrical. Kudos, mmkay?
  • The Sugar Ridge Rag
    21 May. 2022
    I had the good fortune to watch a livestream of the live production of The Sugar Ridge Rag produced by Lab Theatre Project in Tampa, FL. Playwright Philip Middleton Williams has crafted a nuanced, moving, searingly honest portrayal of a family torn apart due to the Vietnam War and the two very different choices made by twin brothers. Full of gorgeous dialogue, authentic family drama, all set to a backdrop of syncopated ragtime music. I hope this beautiful piece of theatre is produced again and again.
  • Next Year, Transformers! (Ten Minute)
    21 May. 2022
    Playwright Paul Donnelly writes yet another punch-in-the-gut two-hander, about two estranged parents struggling to find commonality and do what is right for their son. Not your typical Halloween play, and that's a good thing! Written with great craft and care, you will find yourself rooting for all the characters as Donnelly explores every nuance of co- parenting, step-parenting, and how to be there for your child. Bravo.
  • If Only in My Dreams (Ten Minute)
    21 May. 2022
    A moving play about guilt, recrimination, and the ties that bind. The secrets and lies hidden beneath just trying to get through each day intact. Playwright Paul Donnelly has written a beautiful holiday play that hits you right in the gut. In ten minutes he deftly shows us the devastation that addiction brings to everyone involved...and how we must still keep going with our lives. There's always...Chicago.
  • Zoom Sock Monkey Chaos Meeting
    21 May. 2022
    "Little old ladies and teenagers are the most formidable forces the species has." Truer words were never spoke, even by sock monkeys, in this hilarious spoof. The satire hits close to home in this sock monkey vs. human zoom play. Playwright Matthew Weaver has crafted an enormously fun piece to act in or direct and of course watch! Coming to your zoom screen soon - but you might want to check your sock drawer first. Just in case.
  • The Bathtub Play
    20 May. 2022
    Is it bad that I was hoping porn guy was real? A funny-tinged-with-life-truths satire about a woman who just needs some me time to get away from her family and write and perform her bathtub play. I would love to see this performed - and love even more to direct it as it is a fun challenge! Playwright Miriam BC Tobin writes with great craft, empathy and humor about a situation many women find themselves in several times a day. Read it, produce it!
    11 May. 2022
    What a terrifying, well-crafted piece of theatre. So much happens in ten minutes with twists galore. Presentational in style, this will be so effective live. A cautionary tale about what happens when we don't help someone in trouble. Playwright Donald Loftus expertly takes us on this ride and leaves us with nightmares just like his four characters.
    24 Apr. 2022
    A spot-on dark satire of authoritarianism using the childhood game of Simon Says. Playwright Jonathan Swaan skillfully takes us on a journey that rachets up the tension with each command. Wonderful craft, inspired idea, and a gem of a ten-minute play. Read it and produce it!