Recommended by Chelsea Frandsen

  • Chekhov's Gun
    16 Jun. 2023
    Much like the concept for which this title is named, something that seems insignificant is actually part of the driving plot in James Perry's "Chekov's Gun". The characters are authentic and nuanced creations that actors would love to sink their teeth into. Fans of Neil Simon, Tracy Letts, Lillian Hellman and Lydia Diamond will delight in this play. James Perry is one to watch!
    25 May. 2023
    Much Ado About Nothing has always been my go-to as far as the Bard's plays are concerned, even with it's rough edges. In this adaption, Monica Cross smooths out those edges beautifully, making Hero a woman to be reckoned with, and the subplot involving Margaret, Borachio and Claudio more sympathetic than originally written. Thank you Monica for making a longtime favorite even better!
    25 May. 2023
    What if Shakespeare was an automaton? an intriguing question, and one that Monica Cross fantastically answers. It grabs your interest from curtain up and keeps you entertained until the very last page. This Bard Fangirl/bookworm/sci fi geek girl is very very happy!
  • Frailty, Thy Name
    11 May. 2023
    Being obsessed with Shakespeare from the time I was six years old(I KNOW!!!), I have always been slightly irritated with the many interpretations of Gertrude and Ophelia that never felt quite right. How happy I am to discover I was not the only one. Thank you Scott Sickles for giving us the Ophelia and Gertrude we deserve to see! Only one question: WHY is this not onstage yet?!
  • Another Kind of Silence
    11 May. 2023
    What a beautifully romantic tale filled with such complex and fantastic characters. Put this show on it's feet!
  • 1898 or How Sugar Conquered The Enchantment
    13 Apr. 2023
    Once again masterful Diaz-Marcano delivers a powerhouse of a story that strips back the facades we live under to expose the very real issues we are still dealing with today, including sacrifices we believe we are forced to make to get what we want, and how others can manipulate us to achieve their own goals. Must read, must see, must produce NOW!!!!
  • Gin Mummy
    8 Nov. 2022
    She's done it again! I'm always so happy when I come across Melissa Leilani Larson's work. I was fortunate enough to see a reading of this hysterical play recently and hope to see it onstage again soon! Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward would be so proud!
  • Hellhound
    8 Nov. 2022
    It's like Buffy, Scooby-Doo, Supernatural and Grimm had a beautiful baby and threw in slasher and splatter tidbits for extra spice! A delightful, witty and fun Autumn/Halloween ride!
  • Hairdresser on Fire
    25 Oct. 2022
    How? How is it possible for one playwright to create such wonderful characters, make me care about them, and then make me want to go back and read it again after I've read the last page? Scott Sickels has created four people that I would love to sit down and have a chat with--yes, even Allan--and a fantastic plot that kept me riveted. This masterpiece should be seen onstage everywhere. Go buy it and/or produce it now!
  • Marian or The True Tale of Robin Hood
    25 Oct. 2022
    I had to go buy a second copy of this script because I've literally read the covers off my first one! This is a wonderfully fresh and diverse take on the classic tale with powerhouse roles for everyone, including those of the LGBTQ+ community. The relationships between characters are heartfelt, authentic and fun, and the story overall will delight anyone who sees or performs it. As a *huge* fan of anything Robin Hood, I have added this play to my Favorites List.